Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

ItWorks Compensation Plan... We get Paid to Party!

PARTY CASH: Did you know that the minute you start your It Works! business you can start earning CASH BACK? We don't give away FREE wraps. It's part of a treatment and people pay anywhere from $25-$30 to get the wrap on and experience this AMAZING product! In turn we make Wrap Cash. Let me break it down for you...

You invest in the $499 BOOSTER PACK: Boost your sales with our Booster Pack for $499 ($720 retail value), you can earn $1000+ back in PARTY CASH.

Party with the booster pack applicators @ $25 a piece= $1,100


Purchase the $149 MINI BOOSTER PACK (only available at time of enrollment): Boost for $149 ($268 retail value) and earn $300+ back in PARTY CASH!

Party with the mini booster pack applicators @ $25 a piece= $300.

Remember your kit costs $99 and includes 4 Ultimate Applicators (1 full treatment). Use it on yourself or sell each wrap and recover every BIT of your initial investment. It really is a NO RISK investment.

It Works pays us a number of ways. I love the Wrap Cash as it gets cash in peoples pockets right out of the gate. We are not a party plan but we sure love to party. Walk away from your parties or wrap sessions in cash in hand! Now that is an It Works BOOM!!