Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have you ever entertained the thought of starting your own business??  Did you often think about what it might be like to be your own boss, working the hours you want to work, or even having the freedom of making yourself financially free instead of someone else??  What stops you??  Is it the fact that you think that it takes a special kind of person to be your own boss or maybe you just don't know how you could ever do it without having money to start???  What if I told you that for a $99 investment and an $80 overhead every month that you can indeed make it happen??  What if I told you that not only do you have nothing to lose but you will also have a team of people helping you already waiting in the wings to get your business off and running??  That time is here and that chance is now with IT Works! Global!!

Over the last year and a half I have laid the groundwork for anyone that is interested in taking a leap of faith and a chance on themselves by going into business for themselves!!  I have tirelessly spent all my time and energy creating a team of people and leaders to help the average everyday individual do just that!  The basic ground work had already been laid for us with an amazing established debt free company that carries a one of a kind sizzle product called the ultimate body applicator and top of the line supplements and skin care to back up that sizzle product.  The owners of this company Pam Sowder and Mark Pentacost could have chosen many ways to release these amazing products to the public.  They could have chosen to be the sole owners of the product and put it in salons and stores all over the country there by making only themselves rich off of it, but instead they chose to introduce these products through multi level marketing so that they could help every day average people like you and I be there own boss, dictate their own future, make ourselves rich instead of the CEO of some company, and live out our goals and dreams that could never be realized without this opportunity!!  They have made it so anyone can start their very own business at a low cost with barely a monthly overhead all because it was the passion of our founders to help average people become financially free!!  Mark and Pam both previously made their riches that way in another multi level marketing company and it was their passion and dream to start a company that could help others do what they did too.  See,  they saw 1000's of people succeed in achieving all their goals and dreams right along with them and that is when they realized that helping many was better then just making a small few rich off of something....So thank you Mark and Pam for allowing this opportunity to come into our lives and giving me the chance to build up this amazing team of leaders to carry on your dream!!

So what's the catch??  Well,  I have been looking for the catch ever since month 5 in the business when my check came and it was 7 thousand dollars and I have yet to find one since i have doubled that amount a year and a half later.  After bringing in only 5 people into my business in the first 2 months I have spent the last year and a half strengthening and building those people into strong leaders who in turn are bringing in their people and making them leaders.  Now over a year later we have over a team of 5000 strong distributors and loyal customers and we are ready and waiting for you to jump on board so we can help all of your do what many of us have already done with this amazing life changing opportunity!! 

The process is simple....for a $99 investment you can start your very own business with us.  With that $99 you get your business builder kit along with some marketing materials and 4 wraps.  When whoever you sign up under helps you sell your 4 wraps you will then get your $99 back in your pocket and essentially you have just started your business for free....who on earth can start a business for free and a successful one at that.  You see we already know that it is successful because it has been proven time and time again in fact I am living proof!  If a retired waitress of 25 years and a construction worker can do it than why can't you??  Not only that but we are helping several other people come on board and do the same thing we just did and even in a shorter amount of time. 

So how exactly does this work?? I stated above over the past year we have built a team of people that truly know what they are doing..It's as simple as that.  We have had bumps and bruises along the way and now know what to do and what not to do to get to your goals and dreams the quickest.  Everything we have created can be duplicated by a 10 year motto is that if a 10 year old can't do it then it is to hard so I go back to the drawing board!!  No matter who you are,  where you live, or what your background is you can succeed in this business....all you need is desire and will to want better and want more for yourself and your families!!  If this sounds like you then what are you waiting for.  The biggest fear people have when doing something like this is that they will be alone and will not have help...well you can put those fears aside because everyone on our team is committed to making all of your dreams and goals come true!!  So go to the website on the side of my blog and check out more about the opportunity or get back to the person that sent you here for more information. 

We are truly ONE TEAM ONE MISSION and that is to help everyone we can become healthy and financially free with our products and this company....So start your journey with us TODAY!!


I am so excited because we just got done with our Toledo City Tour....fortunately we taped it for all of you who couldn't be there.  Please take the time to watch this and then you can really get a feel for what It Works! Global is all about!!  Check out our Director of Marketing and founder Pam Sowder and Director of Sales Mike Potillo  who both came and showed us all the It Works! Way!!  You will also see myself and some other key leaders being interviewed!!  I hope if you are a part of my team that you will take some time and watch and if you are just a guest to my blog,  please feel free check out this amazing life changing opportunity....who knows, maybe It Works! can change your life!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Are you over the age of 30 and wish you could look and feel like you were 18 again??  I am going to assume that everyone reading this over 30 would say yes.  The fact of the matter is that it gets harder and harder to get that 18 year old feeling back every year after we hit 30.  What If I told you that I have found the fountain of youth...what if I said you could feel 18 again??  Well it is your lucky day because that is exactly what I am saying.  My amazing company It Works! Global has a product so amazing there can only be one name for is called New You!!

Before I explain the supplement in detail you need to know why it was made.  After the age of 30 years old weather you are a man or a women you begin to age progressively.  You start forgetting why you entered a room or where you put your car keys.  You begin to wake up in the night and your sleeping patterns change.  You start gaining weight in areas that never were a problem before and when you go to work out it takes a lot more time to recover.  Things ache easier in your body and you can't turn fat into muscle as easy as you could when you were in your 20's.  You begin to get adult acne when you've had amazing skin your entire life.  Every year little by little after you turn 30 it seems to be getting worse and worse.  Did you ever wonder why this happens??  Sure everyone gets older and we tell ourselves it is part of the aging process but actually there is a way to slow all of this down.

Let me explain in depth why the things I explained above begin to happen.  After the age of 30 your pituitary glad, which is responsible for producing the human growth hormone in your body, begins to stop producing the hormone as effectively as it did before 30.  In fact every single age you hit after 30 your pituitary gland functions less and less.  When the human growth hormone begins to dissipate it is responsible for many things that come along with aging.  It is responsible for your memory not being as sharp anymore, weight gain in those odd areas, losing muscle mass,  not sleeping through the night, and even bad skin and wrinkles.  By the age of 60 it is almost producing half as effectively then when you were 18 years old.  It is also partly responsible for more serious things like strokes, heart disease, dementia, and even Alzheimer!  Would it not be absolutely amazing if we could do something to keep your pituitary gland producing the human growth hormone just like before you turned 30??  We have, and It is called New You 3.0.

New You 3.0 is a supplement that you take once in the morning and twice before bed and it is 100% all natural and life changing.  The herbs in this supplement spark your pituitary gland to produce the human growth just as effectively as it did when you were younger.  This is safe and very good for your body because all you are doing by taking this is sparking your pituitary gland to do what it is suppose to do.  After just one month of putting customers on this they always call saying the same thing...."I Feel 18 Again"!!  Not only will you notice some huge physical changes with your body but you will also notice you are remembering things  and sleeping better at night.  It also stops the aging process on the outside and makes you have youthful looking skin...developing less wrinkles!  By taking this supplement it is literately like stopping the aging process in it's tracks!!

 You may have heard of people injecting the human growth hormones into their bodies especially body builders to help create lean muscle mass.  This can be very dangerous to inject synthetic hormones into the body and can actually cause things like heart disease strokes and cancer.....the very things that the human growth hormone was created in our bodies to prevent.  So why is it safe to use New You 3.0....because we are simply telling our pituitary gland to keep producing the hormone in our body naturally we are not planting it there synthetically.  When you can get your body to do what it was born to do and keep it doing it naturally without using chemicals and drugs, guess what happens?? slows down aging and everything that comes along with it!! In my eyes every single person over the age of 30 should take New You 3.0.  This is one of my most popular supplements and people have used the words" life changing" after only being on it for one month!!  I speak from experience when I tell you that not only did New You help me lose weight and feel like I was indeed 18 again but It helped a dear friends grandmother with her dementia.  After only 1 month of using New You 3.0 the doctor's and her family could not believe the difference it made with her memory!!   I have also helped so many people with sleep disorders get off their medications and helped body builders take the all natural approach when it came to building lean muscle.

So that is New You 3.0 otherwise known as 18 again or the fountain of youth....It Works! Global has once again come up with a safe all natural approach to help us all look younger and live longer!!  With our loyal customer program you not only get a huge discount on improving your health but you also receive free products with our perk point program.  If you are reading this and would like to give New You a try please click on the link to my website on this page or contact me at for more information!!  We will work together to get you on the right path to your health and wellness goals....thanks for stopping by our blog!! 

Lisa and Barry!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Are you taking a multivitamin??  If so, did your body feel different after taking it for a week or two??  I am going to bet that the answer to that is a big fat NO!  You probably thought that it was just one of those things that you take that you do not feel any different but just have to trust that it is doing its job!!  Well I am here to tell you that if you are on a great multivitamin you will feel and notice a huge difference within the very first week!!  Once your body begins to get the correct nutrients and vitamins that it needs on a daily basis you will absolutely know it is happening just by the way you feel.   Every human being on the planet is deficient in one nutrient/vitamin or one is getting all that they need.  In fact many symptoms you may be experiencing such as cravings, constipation, headaches, or even muscle and joint pain can be associated with just being deficient in something.   If you can make sure that you are getting your body everything it needs then things can just fix themselves naturally!  You can even begin to lose weight when given the right nutrition!!

So your probably thinking "there are so many different do I know which one to buy"?  I thought the same exact thing so I just bought the ones that were either the most expensive or the one's I saw on television all the time...I thought they had to be good if they cost that much money, but boy was I wrong!  When I started my journey with It Works! Global I started researching vitamins.  I wanted to be knowledgeable in all my products and during my research I found something hugely startling, I found that most people were literally throwing their money right in the toilet when they were taking a vitamin...why,  because if a vitamin does not dissolve within 30 minutes and that is pushing it...then it is going right in your colon and coming right back out in the toilet!!  The problem is that they are not dissolving.  Then I read this disturbing article that said back in 2000 they cleaned out the sewer systems in New York City and they found over a billion multivitamins.  They then said in the article that if you wanted to be able to tell if you had a good multivitamin then you could do the vitamin test.  They said to take a glass and fill it with half water and half white vinegar, this is equivalent to the acidity in our bodies and how we would break a vitamin down.  They then said to drop whatever vitamins you are taking into the glass and see how long it would take it to dissolve.  The article stated that if it took more then 20-30 minutes to completely dissolve then you can rest assured that it was ending up coming right back out when you go to the bathroom.  This intrigued me and I wanted to put my It Works! vitamin Its Vital to the test.  I did exactly as the article stated and within 15 minutes my vitamin from It Works! was completely dissolved.  Not only that but the article said to watch for fillers.  Fillers are things that vitamin companies use to hold the vitamin together like bark and sand...yes, I said bark and sand.  To my surprise I saw no bark or sand in the bottom of the glass!!  Since I had never been on a multivitamin before I called a girlfriend to see if we could  put hers to the test.  My friend Kristi purchased her vitamins at a very well known vitamin store that is a chain all over the United States.  I wanted to see how they would stand up to this test.  It was a box and in the box there were 30 packets and in each packet were 6 vitamins that she as a women was suppost  to take on a daily basis to get every nutrient she needed.  I dropped all 6 of them in the water and vinegar and waited...and waited....and went to bed...and waited...and 3 days later not only were they still whole but one of them even expanded to circumference the size of the glass!  Kristi was devastated.  The vitamins that she was spending $80 a month on were not even dissolving in her wonder she never felt a lick of difference!!  She always thought that since they were so expensive and since the store was so well known that she was getting an amazing vitamin.  Since then I always have my customers check their vitamins and so far I rarely run into any that dissolve all the way and the ones that can see the sand and bark in the is for lack of a better word, GROSS!!

One thing I just love about our It Works! supplements is that they are bio active and bio available which means that they dissolve and work together in your body to give you everything that you need.  The body will naturally absorb the nutrients and vitamins you are lacking and it will expel the ones you do not!!  Being bio available is very important when you are looking for a vitamin because it means your body is absorbing it!!  After all, what good is a vitamin if it is not being absorbed into the body.  Through my year and a half in this amazing company I will always suggest that every party guest bring their vitamins to the wrap n lose matter what they are taking B12, fish oil, multivitamin, whatever it is...that way I can show them how quickly my It Works! vitamin dissolves compared to theirs.  Most of the time theirs is still whole 2 hours later when the party ends.  I also compare the list of ingredients of their vitamin to my vitamin and so far over a year now I have yet to find a multivitamin that has as many vitamins and nutrients than our Its Vital!  The It Works! Its Vital multivitamin also is the only multivitamin in the world that has a mint coating on the outside to lock in the freshness and make it bare-able to take so that it does not taste bad and you do not have to burp it up!  Most people think that vitamins smell bad because they are suppose  to but actually vitamins are not suppose to smell bad..they only start to get that smell when the actual vitamin itself is going bad or losing its nutrients.  By us having that mint coating it is locking in the nutrients and preventing the vitamin from going bad.  I think it is pretty amazing that over the 100's of vitamins that I have seen... not one has compared to the amount of nutrients that is in ours.  I see people taking 3-7 different vitamins a day for various things and I have helped those people save tons of money by switching to ours which has everything that they were taking all in just one vitamin!!  How can you beat everything you need all in one vitamin for $29 a month, delivered right to your house, and you feel the difference in your body when you take it.  How refreshing to know you'd no longer be throwing your money in the toilet!!

After reading this I hope you will go do the vitamin test with whatever vitamins you are taking!!  I always tell everyone of my customers...I do not care if you buy mine I just want you to make sure the one you are choosing to use is working and dissolving in your body!!  If you decide to do the vitamin test and discover that your vitamin has not been dissolving and that you have been wasting money you may want to give our Its Vital Multivitamin a try from It Works! Global.  I have started several customers and distributors on the vitamin and after just a week they always call me to tell me how much of a difference it makes to have a vitamin actually working in their body!  Our loyal customer program is amazing and actually gives money back on each purchase to go toward free products.  Some of my customers have so much free product they were able to stock up on the multivitamin for 6 months before purchasing again.  Wouldn't it be nice if one of those local chains you get your vitamin from gave you free products just for purchasing through them??  So I hope that by reading this you  will be more aware of the vitamins you are taking and I hope you now know that if you are on a good vitamin you will feel an amazing difference in your body!!  Good health to all and don't forget to take your daily vitamin!!

Lisa and Barry!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Triple Diamond Lisa Fuller Mini team Bootcamp...It's finally here!!

HERE IT IS!!!!  The video you have all been waiting for...its our mini bootcamp video we did for our team right after conference 2012!!  I was going to put it on discs and they would have been available for purchase but I decided that the best way to share it will each and everyone of you on my team all over the globe was to share it right here on our blog!!  Now it's here for everyone of you to watch with your teams or use as a training tool!!  Hope you enjoy and I am glad we were able to use this format and save everyone some money with this free tool!!  You can watch this training by clicking on the video above!!  Thanks again and remember this business is not a sprint it's a marathon so keep on running!!  Good Luck the rest of March.....Lisa and Barry!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So you say you are sick of living in fear.  In fear of always just getting by and living paycheck to paycheck.  Your whole life you have been waiting for that once in a life time opportunity that will change everything.  You sit back and ponder on miss opportunities and regrets!  Those times that you could have made a change and to afraid to do it because of the unknown...then come to find out it was a great opportunity and you should have jumped on it!!  Some people do this their entire lives and then wake up when they are 80 years old and think about where their life could have gone if only they would have taken some chances on themselves...thoughts full of missed opportunities and regrets all because you were afraid of change...scared of the unknown!!  Are you afraid that this just might be you!!  All these thoughts stop right here right now because this is going to be the time that you embrace change and take a chance on yourself with It Works! Global!!

They say you have to be so uncomfortable in your current situation to actually do something about it....why, because people are afraid of change....the unknown.  Well I am here to tell you that you have nothing to be afraid of because for the first time in your life if you are reading this you are being introduced to a once in a life time opportunity with no catch and no risk!!  Right now you can do what I just did in one year and retire yourself and give your family the life they deserve and It will take some work but it will be the most fun, easy, rewarding work you will ever do with the most return!!  If you like to help others get healthier on the inside and look younger on the outside plus change your life and the lives of thousands of others financially....then keep reading!!  If a mother of 5 waitress and a laid off construction worker that lost their house and car can do what we just did in 7 months then anyone can.  I know it sounds way to good to be true...believe me we are still pinching ourselves and with my experience in life if something is to good to be true it usually is....but in this case it is the real deal and you have to trust me because i am speaking from the heart.

This is why it is no risk.  For only $99 dollars you can sign up to start your own business with us and you will receive all that you will need to get started plus four ultimate body applicators that you will sell and get your $99 back the same week!!  If you decided two days later after you get your money right back that this is not for you ....just stop....then how are you any worse off then you are right now?  That WILL NOT HAPPEN...why because you will be working with a team of people that want to see you succeed.  Not only do we just want to help other people do what we just did and change their lives forever but if we help you succeed then our paycheck grows too!!  We do not just sign you up and never talk to you again hoping that you might work out.  WE work with you SIDE BY SIDE to help you make anywhere from $600 plus your first month.  We know that if we help you make money then you will want to stay with us and help others do it too.  This is not some get rich quick are building a business and that takes time and work but I promise you will not be alone and if you can invest 10 hrs a week you will make money!!  I have never seen anything like what we are helping other average ordinary people do on a daily basis!!  We are a family...when you join our team you are now family...we are one team, one family with one help everyone succeed!!  Do not let this be that thing you look back on when you are 80 and think why did I let that slip through my fingers.

The fact is we are growing so fast and right now only 1% of the entire world knows we exist.  With the growth we are experiencing we will be a household name within 2 years and you can be a part of that.  This company is going to help so many people go financially free on its way to the top and you are going to be one of them!!  Right now if you sign up and we get you to the rank of diamond by June 30th you will also get our 10 thousand dollars GOOD bonus...imagine what your family could do with that!!  There is no catch...if there is I haven't been able to find it in a year and a half now!  With Success at home magazine dedicating an entire issue to our company released on news stands accross the globe on March 1st we are growing even faster.  Now is the time...take a chance on yourself and believe in yourself because we believe in you.

So you have a choice....keep doing what your doing and end up in the same place this time next year or take $99 and invest in yourself, your family, and your future!  This $99 special ends on March 31st so lets get you going so that you do not miss the special and then we will figure out if it is a right fit for you!!  You do not want to miss out on the biggest month of our business and the GOOD bonus!! The process is simple...sign up for $99...schedule a get together with family and friends within the next week...who ever signed you up will come and talk with all of them to tell them about our products, the opportunity, and try the wrap if they choose and then will get your money right back in your pocket!!  Then you can make a decision after you see your friends and families reaction weather or not its right for is that simple!!

In the end I hope if your reading this you realize what you have your hands on.  Speaking from the heart I know what these products and this opportunity has done for my friends and family in such a short time period and I know for a fact what It could do for you if you open your mind and believe in yourself!!  Whatever is holding you back let that go and take a chance on yourself and your future...remember we are one team with one mission to help everyone with you soon.

Lisa and Barry

Sunday, March 11, 2012


$7 with prepaid ticket, parking is FREE.
without prepaid ticket you will be responsible for parking

...See More
It Works Global Toledo, OH City Tour DTs get ready for a night that will explode your business. Bring your guest...wrap, we will have wrap rooms. Pam Sowder and Mike Patillo will share with you why our business is one of a kind and NOW is the perfect time. Grand Plaza 444 N Summit Street ...
If you want to check out what I do and if you live in or around the Toledo Ohio area now is your chance!!!  One of the founders of It Works! Global , the amazing Pam Sowder, will be here this month!  Guests are absolutely free!!  If you are on my team please check the schedule of the areas that they are visiting in March and April.  It will change your business forever and solidify that this is the best decision that you have ever made.  Not only that but it is an amazing opportunity for you to bring your guests and prospects too so that they can see what IT WORKS GLOBAL is all about!!  Check out the list I have attached and see if they are coming to an area near you!!  If you are on my team and around the Toledo area please let us show our team spirit and support of this amazing company and get there.  I want our team to have the biggest turnout that this company has ever seen at an event.  I promise that this will be well worth every second!!  See you at city tour!! Lisa and Barry

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's the choices you make!

They say that in my field of direct sales and home based businesses there is only 3% of the people that come in and make it.  With It Works! Global that number is actually more like 15% because of the timing, one of a kind product, and opportunity with one of the best pay plan most have ever seen!  So why exactly is that number so staggeringly low??  Well to be quite honest it is only because of one reason and one reason only....people quit!!  If they had actually just stuck it out through that first little hurdle, eventually, they would be right where I am right now!!

Let's talk about this for a bit.  Being in direct sales is not easy.  You have to go out and sell your products to other people and you have to hear the word no quite a few times before you hear that one yes.  Frankly, most people can't handle the word no so they quit.  You have others around you telling you that what you are doing is a scam.  You have your brother in law telling you its one of those pyramid things and your mother saying "hunny...when are you going to get a real job"!  You have all these outside forces trying to stop your success.  It is always easier to just quit then to stick it out when you hit those bumps in the road.  So what can you do to be in that 3% or in our case 15%....NEVER GIVE UP!!

One of my amazing friends and team mates Angie Jockett who has stuck with me in this business from day one said something to me once that I always think about....and when I look back in my life what she says is so true.  Angie says that every time something spectacular and amazing is about to happen in your life there are outside forces working against you trying not to let it happen.  Weather you believe in the devil, bad karma, or whatever you want to call it these forces do not want to see people succeed and be successful!  Think about it and you will see that every time you have succeeded at something or something great has happened in your life 95% of the time it was not easy getting there.  Most of the time people look back on their life and are full of what if's and regrets and they just wish they could go back in time and done it differently...stuck things out.  Looking back on the year and a half I have been with It Works! I have wanted to throw in the towel hundreds of times.  I remember my first party barely anyone showed up and I wanted to quit but I didn't.  The hundreds of no's and skeptics that I encountered on a daily basis made me want to quit too....but...I didn't!  My own mother and sister thought I was insane for the first 9 months and they made me doubt what I was doing which again made me want to quit....but I still didn't!!  I could have quit hundred's of times but like I said I didn't and look where we are now.  You can never know what could have been in you don't stick with it!  The only difference between myself and anyone else that was not successful was that I DID NOT QUIT!!  If they would have stuck it out eventually they would be right here with me!

Nothing great happens over night...period!  It is not that the 3% of people that succeed in sales did something special or know something that the other 97% of people that fail do not is simply that they stuck it out through the hurdles and bumps.  Those 3% got back up every time they fell down.  I still fall down and have bad days but quitting is not an option!! Look at things differently...Do not sell your products...SHARE your products with others.  There is a huge difference between selling and sharing.  Be a product of your products.  There is nothing like a walking testimony!!  People do not want to buy things when they feel they are being sold but they do want what you are sharing and they do want whatever you are using that is making you look and feel better!  People also feed off your excitement!  Be excited and BELIEVE in what your offering others and they will want that too.  Everyone in this world is looking for something to believe in....and you have it!!  Remember my mother and sister that thought I was crazy??  They are now both distributors under me...and they came to me!!  They saw the change in me and my family...and of course the 5 figure a month  check didn't hurt!!

The moral of the story is just can't give up! To reap big rewards you have to take big risks!!  They say that a person has to be so uncomfortable in their current situation to actually make a change.  Everyone is scared of change.  It is so much easier to stay right where you are then to take a leap of faith and change your situation because you do not know what changes will take place...change is scary but nothing can be different without change.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again day after day expecting a different result!  Stop the insanity and do something different!!  We have a once in a lifetime opportunity in our hands with It Works! Global and there will be haters out there and skeptical people and 100's of no's but you cannot quit!  When I got started over a year ago in my area no one had heard of us and everyone was skeptical.  It took time and patience and lots of no's but look at us now.  If I would have given up what I know are amazing products and an amazing opportunity simply because of the disbelief of others I would not be in the best place I have ever been in my entire life physically and financially!! 

It's the choices you make in life that set the tone for whats to come.  You can either choose to always quit when things get tough or for the first time in your life stick around to see what happens.  I can tell you this....I have no doubt in my mind that If you stick with us and It Works! global you will see all your goals and dreams come true as you help us make It Works! a household name!!  If you are in any sales or home based business the same rules still apply for success...share don't sell, believe in what your sharing , and be a product of the products and you can't go wrong!!  Good luck in all your choices and NEVER GIVE UP!!  Lisa and Barry

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WHOOOHOOOO here it is IT WORKS! on newsstands everywhere!!!

Success from Home
I am so excited.  The long awaited issue of Success at Home Magazine featuring my company It Works! Global is finally on newsstands across the get your copy today!!  We are not just featured on one page they had to dedicate the whole entire issue to us because the company is just that great!!  One page just wasn't enough to tell all the stories of the 100's of lives that have been changed through the products and the opportunity!!  Not only am I excited that this entire issue was for us but I was also one of the people picked to be featured in the magazine!!  You have to check it out!!  You will get all the information on the company from its inception to where we are today with over a 500% growth in the last two years.  So stop what you doing....get in your car...and go get your issue of Success at Home Magazine!!  Then contact me asap so we can get your started on our journey with us!!  Hope to hear from you wishes, Lisa and Barry!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Attendance is Key!!

In the home based business industry many of us build our businesses through having parties to showcase what we have to offer.  Here at It Works! Global we do not claim we are a party plan company but we sure do like to party.  I love doing our wrap n lose parties and everyone who comes truly has a blast.  Wrap n lose parties are a sure way to let everyone try the ultimate body applicator and sample some of our other amazing products.  They work perfectly to get the word out there that you have just started a brand new business...but what if no one comes!?  In any party plan business we always have people booking parties and cancelling at the last minute or we get to the party and no one shows.  Over the last year and a half I have perfected some full proof ways on how to insure people will show up at your parties that will work for any business whether it be It Works, selling jewelry, purses, make up, food, etc.  The following ideas can really help you book parties, keep parties, and have high attendance so no matter what party plan your in you should check these ideas out!! 

The first step I take to insure the party goes off without a hitch is called hostess coaching!  I get with the hostess of the party and I help her put together her party list.  I then help her make a facebook event page for the party.  Then I have her contact the key people that she wishes to invite and ask them if it would be okay if I contact them to tell them about the specials and how to be entered into a drawing for a prize.  This is perfect because it takes the hostess of your party out of the line of fire in case her guests were to ask her questions she does not know.  Here is an example of what I would say when I call her guest list...."Hi, this is Lisa Fuller and I am putting the wrap n lose party on for Holly.  She said that you gave me permission to give you a call and tell you a little bit of what you can expect at the party.  First of all you do not have to undress and you can get anything wrapped from the neck down....I do bellies, chins, and arms at the party and after you see what it does I will tell you at the party how you can get it delivered right to your house at my cost if you choose and then you can do more private areas of your body at that time.  It is 100% safe, all natural, and it does not interact with any medications.  Anyone can wrap unless you are allergic to a plant based botanical!!  You will see results in 45 minutes and the product will continue to work in your system for three days so you'll see those continued measurable results for 72 hrs.  For best results the day of the party please take a hot shower to open your pores and do not use soap or lotion in the area you are getting wrapped because that clogs the pores and blocks our solution from getting in.  If you can scrub the area with a luffa that will get the dead skin off and help the wrap work even better.  Do you have any questions??"  Then I tell them about the different promotions I offer.  " The night of the party on Friday your wrap will be $35 but if you prepay either myself or your hostess by cash, check, or credit card by Wednesday before the party you can get your wrap for $25 so a $10 discount just for prepaying.  Also if you bring a guest you can get an additional $5 off of your wrap too.  Would you like to go ahead and take care of your wrap right now by credit card with me over the phone today for that $10 discount.  If not you still have until Wednesday of before the party to do that with myself or your hostess to get that price."  This will insure that the person will show if they prepay for their wrap and the incentive of $10 off is definitely incentive enough for them to prepay thus keeping that attendance up.  Also by offering that $5 discount off their wrap for every guest they bring will now help you reach more people and get that party attendance up at the same time.  I also let them know that for every guest they bring their name will go into a drawing for a free facial....or whatever product you would choose to give away!!  This has worked so well for me in the past few months and I just had to share!!

 Think about how a party usually is booked.  You meet someone who says "sure I'll book a party" and then the day before the party you call the person up and say "don't forget your parties tomorrow many are coming??"  This is the part where the person you just called freaks out because she forgot about it in her busy life and now scrambles to gather some people together last minute....and we wonder why are parties have low attendance!!!  By interacting with your hostess and helping her plan you will begin to see amazing party attendance!!  You may also want to offer the hostess something for her troubles.   For instance... I offer my hostess a free wrap with 5 guests, a free wrap and chin wrap with 8 guests, and 10 or more she gets a facial added on to the other two!!  Incentives drives your hostess to get those people there!!

No matter what home based business you are in you can tweak these ideas to fit your party plan!  The idea is to engage the hostess as well as the guests and it will work for any business!!  So good luck...get out there...and plan those parties!!  Best wishes,  Lisa!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Huge Announcement for my Team!

I would like to Thank everyone for visiting my site during our first month on the web. And to show my appreciation to everyone on my team that has worked so hard I am announcing this special contest just for my team members that have been so loyal and hard working to bring me to where I am now. I could not do it without your help. You have help change our lives so I would love to give something back so please take the time to watch the video above! And once again the winners to be announced May 2, 2012
 Thank you! Thank you! Everyone!