Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have you ever entertained the thought of starting your own business??  Did you often think about what it might be like to be your own boss, working the hours you want to work, or even having the freedom of making yourself financially free instead of someone else??  What stops you??  Is it the fact that you think that it takes a special kind of person to be your own boss or maybe you just don't know how you could ever do it without having money to start???  What if I told you that for a $99 investment and an $80 overhead every month that you can indeed make it happen??  What if I told you that not only do you have nothing to lose but you will also have a team of people helping you already waiting in the wings to get your business off and running??  That time is here and that chance is now with IT Works! Global!!

Over the last year and a half I have laid the groundwork for anyone that is interested in taking a leap of faith and a chance on themselves by going into business for themselves!!  I have tirelessly spent all my time and energy creating a team of people and leaders to help the average everyday individual do just that!  The basic ground work had already been laid for us with an amazing established debt free company that carries a one of a kind sizzle product called the ultimate body applicator and top of the line supplements and skin care to back up that sizzle product.  The owners of this company Pam Sowder and Mark Pentacost could have chosen many ways to release these amazing products to the public.  They could have chosen to be the sole owners of the product and put it in salons and stores all over the country there by making only themselves rich off of it, but instead they chose to introduce these products through multi level marketing so that they could help every day average people like you and I be there own boss, dictate their own future, make ourselves rich instead of the CEO of some company, and live out our goals and dreams that could never be realized without this opportunity!!  They have made it so anyone can start their very own business at a low cost with barely a monthly overhead all because it was the passion of our founders to help average people become financially free!!  Mark and Pam both previously made their riches that way in another multi level marketing company and it was their passion and dream to start a company that could help others do what they did too.  See,  they saw 1000's of people succeed in achieving all their goals and dreams right along with them and that is when they realized that helping many was better then just making a small few rich off of something....So thank you Mark and Pam for allowing this opportunity to come into our lives and giving me the chance to build up this amazing team of leaders to carry on your dream!!

So what's the catch??  Well,  I have been looking for the catch ever since month 5 in the business when my check came and it was 7 thousand dollars and I have yet to find one since i have doubled that amount a year and a half later.  After bringing in only 5 people into my business in the first 2 months I have spent the last year and a half strengthening and building those people into strong leaders who in turn are bringing in their people and making them leaders.  Now over a year later we have over a team of 5000 strong distributors and loyal customers and we are ready and waiting for you to jump on board so we can help all of your do what many of us have already done with this amazing life changing opportunity!! 

The process is simple....for a $99 investment you can start your very own business with us.  With that $99 you get your business builder kit along with some marketing materials and 4 wraps.  When whoever you sign up under helps you sell your 4 wraps you will then get your $99 back in your pocket and essentially you have just started your business for free....who on earth can start a business for free and a successful one at that.  You see we already know that it is successful because it has been proven time and time again in fact I am living proof!  If a retired waitress of 25 years and a construction worker can do it than why can't you??  Not only that but we are helping several other people come on board and do the same thing we just did and even in a shorter amount of time. 

So how exactly does this work?? I stated above over the past year we have built a team of people that truly know what they are doing..It's as simple as that.  We have had bumps and bruises along the way and now know what to do and what not to do to get to your goals and dreams the quickest.  Everything we have created can be duplicated by a 10 year motto is that if a 10 year old can't do it then it is to hard so I go back to the drawing board!!  No matter who you are,  where you live, or what your background is you can succeed in this business....all you need is desire and will to want better and want more for yourself and your families!!  If this sounds like you then what are you waiting for.  The biggest fear people have when doing something like this is that they will be alone and will not have help...well you can put those fears aside because everyone on our team is committed to making all of your dreams and goals come true!!  So go to the website on the side of my blog and check out more about the opportunity or get back to the person that sent you here for more information. 

We are truly ONE TEAM ONE MISSION and that is to help everyone we can become healthy and financially free with our products and this company....So start your journey with us TODAY!!

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