Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Put VALUE on your business!

Lisa Kaye Fuller gives business tips for all your MLMers out there!  This one is about how to get prospects and keep them when you seal the deal!  Put value on your business!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Are you at ROCK BOTTOM?

This quote is so true for me! My husband Barry and I were at rock bottom! We lost our house and car and with a family of 7 was down to one vehicle on its last leg! I was a waitress for 25 years and he was a laid off construction worker when It Works Global Found us! It was totally something I would have normally NEVER looked at! But because I was desperate I have it a shot and I'm so glad I did! If you think you know what this is you don't. ...nothing in your life will change if you don't do something to change it! Are you ready? 

What's Scarier then Change?

What's scarier then change? The only thing scarier then change is the thought of being where your at forever! People are struggling in their relationships, with children, with money issues, a friend or family member that is ill or chemically dependent on something, and the list goes on.
A little over 4 years ago I was on a hamster wheel and nothing I was doing seemed to be changing that. My relationship with my husband Barry was rocky at best, I never saw my 5 children, I was working 60+ hrs. A week to support our family at a glorified Hooters at the age of 37. I honestly thought that the rest of my life was going to be spent unhappy! There was no retirement being a waitress!
I think that everyone of us are approached with ways to change our situations but we ignore it or are too afraid of the unknown to take advantage. It's more comfortable staying uncomfortable! I think we care way to much about what others think or what someone will say yet those people that are passing judgments are unhappy and in the same spot as we are. They say your happiness and income are most like the 5 people you associate yourself most with on a daily basis! 5 years ago I associated myself with unhappy people with chemical dependency problems who were just as broke as I was and none of them were trying to do anything to change it.
When I first started With my company It Works, to say I had no support from family or friends was an understatement! I realized that they were all scared that I actually would be successful and I wouldn't be where they were anymore! You know that saying "misery loves company" , it's such a true statement. I was scared I wouldn't succeed but I was way more scared of spending one more day doing nothing to change our unhappiness!
Over 4 years later I look back and thank God every single day that I didn't let the negativity of my friends and family break me down. Every bit of fear and doubt I would go through it over and over again to be where we are now. I'm so glad most of the people I care about finally joined us and are changing their lives now too!
The moral is its never too late to change your situation! Trust in what is put in your path! But know that you have to want to make a change, truly want it, too see results! Sometimes it takes tipu to stand up first before the people you care about will follow suit! I hope everyone reading this finds that path that will be the change for their life! 

Following up

Network Marketing Guru Lisa Kaye Fuller always give you the REAL DEAL with her amazing tips This one is no exception!  Biggest reason people fail in Net Work Marketing...FOLLOWING UP!! Here are some amazing tips on Following up with your potential customers and distributors!  WATCH the video above!  It's time you live a "FULLER" Life!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thinking Out Loud......

Over the past week and a half  I have been doing several training's around the globe!  During my travels I get to meet amazing people that I feel I already know thanks to social media!  I also get to meet many people that are coming to check out our Business It Works Global for the first time!  And I also get to see Great friends I've made over the last 4 years with this business that I truly consider family and just have an amazing time!  The one thing I love the most is hearing the stories of the lives that are being changed by this amazing industry and seeing the transformations in the lives of the people that have stuck with this business!

I cannot help but just be so grateful that we took a leap of faith and joined this amazing journey almost 5 years ago!  Who would have thought that one little decision to do something about our horrible situation would turn into this!  It really has me thinking about how the decision of one person can affect and change the lives of thousands!  Pretty crazy that a waitress and a construction worker that had no clue what they were getting themselves into became millionaires with something they only expected would be a little extra cash each month!  You know what's even crazier?  The fact that we have helped so many others do the exact same thing and are still finding people that we are helping to realize their dreams and making them become realities!

I know we have THE BEST TEAM in this industry!  A group of people that truly want to see others succeed and live an amazing life!  I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe that this is all really happening!  Sometimes I am afraid I will wake up from the most awesome dream ever back into my life over 4 years ago where we were unhappy and struggling to make ends meat!  But as hard as i pinch myself I don't wake up because this is REALLY HAPPENING

The thought of ever going back to that life is what drives me but what drives me even harder is helping other people that their lives look just like ours did 4 years ago!  I will believe in them until they believe in themselves and every day when I get up I feel this need and sense of urgency to get out there and tell as many people as I can about an industry that I know can change their life too if they let it!

I just want to thank everyone that is on this amazing journey with my family and truly tell all of you how much Barry and I appreciate that you trust in us and believe in us to take you to the promise land!  We are truly honored and humbled watching your lives change and are completely blessed to even be a small part of it!!  I will leave you all with some pics of my fun from the last 2 weeks!!!

Enjoy the pics and we love you guys!!

**Want to know more about joining my team text me at 419-779-8367

Thursday, March 12, 2015

So What does it take to be SUCCESSFUL?????

Today has really got me thinking about what exactly does it take to see success in your business?  I am going to give it to you straight!  It takes 100% belief in yourself and 100% commitment and consistency!  Here are the top 5 reasons people fail:

1.  They don't Believe that they can actually succeed!
2.  They are not committed enough to what they are doing!
3.  They are not consistent enough for the business to grow!
4.  They are not Talking to enough people.
5.  They are not Talking to people from a sharing standpoint they are talking to people from a selling standpoint!

Let's talk about these in some detail and at the end we will talk about how they all tie in together and why you need all 5 of these things to come together to see that success your looking for!

Let's put the first 3 Together!  Belief, Commitment, and consistency!  These three values is what it will take to start the process of seeing success!  It all starts with those three words!  You have to believe that you can do it!  In order to get that belief you need to be committed to your business and build it on a consistent basis!  As your business begins to grow because of that consistency and commitment you belief level begins to rise with each victory!  You begin to become more and more confident as people begin to join you on your journey!

People can sense when someone does not believe in themselves or what they are doing.  People are attracted to people that believe in themselves and what they are committed to!  So where do you start?  I think sometimes people live in a fantasy world that everything will just come together eventually!  That is not going to happen!  Your success is going to take so much work on your part mentally!  It is going to take a strong person with a strong sense of where they want to go and realistic goals!  When you set your goals to high they cannot be reached and you are going to burn out because you will feel that you are never seeing the success that you hoped for!  So first things first...Set some goals that are realistic!  Do not set goals based on other people and what they have accomplished, set goals based on what you feel is do-able for you!  You cannot compare your business to anyone else's because everyone has a different situation so base your victories not off comparing but off are you personally farther along then you were the week before!  As you begin winning those small victories and reaching the goals that you are setting that belief level will continue to grow stronger and stronger!  It is going to take commitment every day to be consistent for you to see success!  The problem is that most people when they do not see success right away lose that commitment and consistency which is ironic because that is exactly what it will take to begin seeing success!

Any business is a numbers game!  The more people you introduce your business too the more likely you will run into someone that is interested in joining you!  If you are not talking to enough people it is going to take a lot longer for you to find the right people then say someone that is being committed and consistent every day to sharing their opportunity with new people!  See how this is tieing together?  There is no trick!  You have to figure out what are you capable of doing in your situation!  No matter what if you want the business to work you MUST talk to new people about your business, product, or service!  If you think that talking to the same people over and over will some how help you see the success your looking for it is not going to happen!  Look at your goal that you set and what is it going to take to get there?  How many new people every day do you have to talk to so that you bring in the right amount of people?  It isn't going to be easy!  Seeing success in a business never is , but if you want it bad enough you will make the time and make those sacrifices that would need to be made!  If you are comparing your journey to someone else's maybe you should ask them just how many new people they were talking to every single day and that will put it in to perspective why you are not growing at the pace they did!

So now that you have set those daily goals on how many new people you plan on talking do you get them to join you?  This is where the "sharing" not "selling" comes in!  No One on this planet wants to be "sold" anything!  What they do want though is solutions to their problems!  They want someone that cares about them and most of all someone that will listen!  I will bet money that if you are reading this right now and you use social media as a venue to promote your business it is very rare you get a bite on your posts that talk about buying one of your products or joining your team!  Why?  Because again no one wants to be part of your plan to make you more money!  The key is showing people that you can help them, care about them, and want to see their goals and dreams become realities not yours!  Share your journey with them!  Share stories of others lives that are changing!  Share how you can help them do the same!  If I were you I would keep the word selling out of your vocabulary and when you go to talk to someone about your product or business that you go in saying out loud "I am going to share this"!  I will just bet the words that come out of your mouth when you talk to them will be so much different then if you went in trying to "sell" Something!

So there you go just some Tips that I think can help you see that success your looking for!  Have an amazing day!

Lisa Kaye Fuller

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My Husband Barry Hurt and I started our new leg in this AMAZING business at the top of our company! We are so blessed that It Works has allowed a select group of top leaders this huge opportunity!
We are still looking for 4 more people to put in that structure! In under 4 years Barry and i were inducted into our companies millionaires club and now our goal is to take as many people with us as we can!
This is HUGE for anyone out there that has wished they would have jumped in this amazing business with us day one! We are virtually starting over and plan to create an ambassador leg which is an average yearly income of 585 thousand dollars!
We will be working one on one with this select group of people and we know exactly what we are doing because we did it before! This truly is a once in a life time opportunity! If you ever wanted to own your time and work for yourself to create a legacy for your family THIS IS IT!
To qualify for this position you cannot currently be an It Works Distributor. We are also asking that only serious entrepreneurs apply!
When you join a business like It Works you really want to make sure that you sign under a team that will support you. I believe we have the best team out there with systems set in place that will help anyone succeed no matter what location they are in as long as you put in the effort!
If you are interested in learning more please private message myself or Barry! You can also text me at 419-779-8367! This is a no risk investment, we do not carry stock, you do not go door to door, or make any deliveries! Shoot us a message and let's discuss whether or not this is a right fit for you and your family!
If you are not interested but know someone who may be, please feel free to share this opportunity with them and send them our way!
Our family has been so blessed the last 4 years and we are truly honored to help you reach your goals! Let us show you that there is another way and that you can succeed! If your not where you want to be in life just like we were 4 years ago, then take a leap of faith and join us!
I can promise you one two things. ... we will always be here 100% to support you and if you stick this out you will change your life!
Hurry because these 4 spots will fill fast!