Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

Life Changing Oppertunity

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My Husband Barry Hurt and I started our new leg in this AMAZING business at the top of our company! We are so blessed that It Works has allowed a select group of top leaders this huge opportunity!
We are still looking for 4 more people to put in that structure! In under 4 years Barry and i were inducted into our companies millionaires club and now our goal is to take as many people with us as we can!
This is HUGE for anyone out there that has wished they would have jumped in this amazing business with us day one! We are virtually starting over and plan to create an ambassador leg which is an average yearly income of 585 thousand dollars!
We will be working one on one with this select group of people and we know exactly what we are doing because we did it before! This truly is a once in a life time opportunity! If you ever wanted to own your time and work for yourself to create a legacy for your family THIS IS IT!
To qualify for this position you cannot currently be an It Works Distributor. We are also asking that only serious entrepreneurs apply!
When you join a business like It Works you really want to make sure that you sign under a team that will support you. I believe we have the best team out there with systems set in place that will help anyone succeed no matter what location they are in as long as you put in the effort!
If you are interested in learning more please private message myself or Barry! You can also text me at 419-779-8367! This is a no risk investment, we do not carry stock, you do not go door to door, or make any deliveries! Shoot us a message and let's discuss whether or not this is a right fit for you and your family!
If you are not interested but know someone who may be, please feel free to share this opportunity with them and send them our way!
Our family has been so blessed the last 4 years and we are truly honored to help you reach your goals! Let us show you that there is another way and that you can succeed! If your not where you want to be in life just like we were 4 years ago, then take a leap of faith and join us!
I can promise you one two things. ... we will always be here 100% to support you and if you stick this out you will change your life!
Hurry because these 4 spots will fill fast!

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