Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Announcement!!!!!!!!

Attention It Works! Global Team Members....please stay tuned for my radio show tonight at 12:30 a.m. when I announce The Mark Madness promotions and our personal team promotion!!  Barry and I are so excited to be able to show all of  you how much we appreciate all you hard work and dedication.  We wish we could just do something for everyone instead of a contest to decide because each and everyone of you deserve it!  You just wait to see what happens when we go Ambassador!!  Love all of you like family and fasten your seat belts because March is going to blow your mind!!!  With tons of love....Barry and Lisa!!!

dial in number for radio show at 12:30 is 949-272-9570

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to navigate throught the website and back office esuite!!

If you are a new or existing distributor you will definitely want to check this out!!  I have created a step by step video that will walk you through our website and back office esuite!!  This will help you learn and navigate through the new software much easier.  Any time a company migrates over to a brand new system it can be difficult to learn how it works but this is going to make it much easier to learn!!  The one thing I love about this is that if we sign up new team members any where in the world we now have the capability to teach them the website and esuite in a much easier way!!  This is going to save you all a lot of time and frustration plus make the training for new team members simple!  I hope you all will take the time to watch and give me feed back if you think something is missing our needs clarified better.  I want to insure that this new tool is understandable and easily accessible for every distributor.  All the training videos I have put in place can be accessed through my blog by clicking on the you tube link at the top of my blog.  This will be a very easy way for each and every one of you to train your brand new distributors.  Please email me at if you have any ideas on a topic for more training videos....I will be more than happy to take all your suggestions so that we can be the best and fastest growing team in It Works! Global history!!!   You are all so amazing and Barry and I are proud and honored to have all of you on our team!!  Good luck and make March a great one!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Party without the hassle!!

So you want to try one of these crazy wraps but you don't want the hassle of cleaning your house or inviting people over??  Well your wish is my command!!  I am so excited for this amazing new tool that will enable you to do just that!!  Introducing ONLINE WRAP PARTIES!! 

This is how it simply click on the tab we installed into the blog at the top right hand side of this page and RSVP for your online wrap party!!  This will take you to a link where you can choose to opt in through facebook or put in your email.  You will then receive your link to purchase your wrap and whatever other products you may want to try.  It will walk you right through the process....It is that simple!!  It will then wait about 5-7 days for you to receive your wraps in the mail and at that point you will get an email with a link to join the wrap party at your convenience!  Once you join the party it will walk you through everything we do at an actual wrap n lose party!!  It will show you how to wrap whatever area of the body you choose and you will then get to watch a video of a wrap party while you are waiting the 45 minutes to remeasure and get your results!!  How cool is that??  Now you can enjoy a wrap party without the hassle of cleaning your house, inviting guests, and entertaining!!  You could also have a little girls night at the last minute and opt into the party anytime!!

I personally am also running a little promotion to kick off my new wrap party site!!  Many people love the fact that when they have a wrap party and if they get 5 or more guests to come they themselves receive that free wrap!!  So from now until March 31st as a kick off special if you can share the link to your facebook page and have 5 people opt in and RSVP I will give you 1 free wrap along with your order for the online wrap party!!  So you can still get the same perks just as if you were going to the trouble of having a real party!

I hope you will check out this new way of partying and trying the wrap!  It is fun, easy, and the perfect way to try the wrap on your own time!!  I know you are going to love it as much as I do!!  Now let's get to partying!!


If you ever wanted to win the lottery now is your chance!!  I always tell every new team member that starting your business with It Works! Global is a winning lottery ticket you just have to cash it in!!  We all know what my husband Barry and I did in under a year and what so many others are doing with this what is holding you back??  We already explained that this is a no-risk investment which means that not only do you get to sign up for half price at only $99, but you get your money right back in your pocket for your initial investment when your sponsor helps you sell the 4 wraps you get in your business builder kit!!  Everything you make after that is pure profit!! only gets better!!!

Right now....through the end of February you have the chance to make some life changing money with our two promotions going on until the 29th!!  I have been with the company a year and a half now and never have I seen two promotions this good and this life changing!!  The first is called the RUBY GUARANTEE!!!  What that means is that if you, with your sponsors help, can get you to the rank we call RUBY in our company within your first 30 days in the will get a guaranteed first check of no less then $599!!  I have never ever seen a company guarantee what you will earn your very first month.  The rank of ruby will take a little work but is very achievable...I did it in 30 days along with many others...and with our help as a team you can too!!!!!

What would you do with 10 Grand???  Pay off some bills??? Take the kids on vacation???  The possibilities are endless!!  That is where our second promotion comes in...Its called the GOOD BONUS or GET OUT OF DEBT BONUS.  What that means is that if you, with the help of your sponsor, get to the rank in the company we call DIAMOND by June 30th then you will receive a 10 thousand dollar bonus just for getting there!!  This will also take some work.....I did it in two and a half months and others have done it in less then that, but with the help of your sponsor and their leadership and support I am sure you will have no problem making it happen!!

I just gave you 3 amazing reasons why now is the time to change your life...Half off distributorship for only $99 and get your money right back, The Ruby Guarantee, and the $10,000 GOOD Bonus!!  This company is changing the lives of people across the globe physically and financially and it can change yours too!!  These specials end February 29th and if you take a chance on yourself and get signed up this month you will be going with us into the biggest month in our business...March!!  Now is the time...a company only rises to the top can help us make this amazing company It Works! Global a household name all over the world!!  We just grew over 500% over the last two years and we are in the top 50 of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.  Not taking hold of this opportunity is like throwing that winning lottery ticket out the window!!  With Success at Home Magazine that dedicated an entire issue to our company coming out on newsstands in will be able to show everyone that you are a part of history in the making!!  So ask yourself...are you and your dreams worth a $99 life changing investment??  My husband Barry and I have helped so many others live out their goals and dreams and we still have so much more to give and so many lives to help change.  We hope you will invest in yourself and your family and take the journey with us!!  The timing could never be more perfect then right now!!  Contact me via facebook, twitter, email, and I will personally tell you how you can get started and join our amazing family and team!!  We cannot wait to make this happen for you!!  It Works! Global WILL change your life!!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

How do you spell RELIEF???

What I love more than anything about my company It Works! Global is the fact that we have such a wide array of all natural supplements.  Besides my greens one of my favorite products is our supplement called Relief.  Relief is literally transforming people's lives who suffer from various kinds of diseases related to muscle and joint pain.  In fact, one of my customers was able to get off  seven different medications due to a couple other of our supplements including Relief.  Linda suffered from severe Fibromyalgia and had horrible constant back pain.  These supplements have changed Linda's life and because of what they have done for her she is now a distributor in the company and on a mission to help other people just like her.   I remember one of the first trainings I did a couple of my distributors brought their husbands along to hear more about the company.  I remember one husband in particular asked if he could tell the group his story.  He stated that when his wife started with It Works he thought "oh she goes again"!  He explained that she had ventured into several other home based businesses in the past and he instantly thought that this was just another product that doesn't work and just another company they would put more money into then get back.  He said that there was two things that changed his mind...her second check and Relief!!  He told us his story of how he had been in construction for 30 years and that he had horrible muscle and joint pain especially in his hands and knees.  Being very skeptical he agreed to try Relief after his wife nagging him for a week and to his surprise.....within literately a couple days the difference was remarkable.  He was able to get his wedding ring back on his finger and he said his knees felt better then they had in years.  In the past he had tried several other supplements and pain meds but they never helped....this had changed his life.  To not wake up every day in pain how he put it "was god sent"!  Marge Poole now a diamond under me in the company is also another example of Relief doing its thing!!  Marge had horrible arthritis in her hands and for years her knuckles were swollen and she was unable to get her rings on.  After 2 months of relief she was able to move her hands again without pain and get her rings on again.  Marge has been with our company now for over a year and claims Relief along with some of our other supplements has "changed her life"!  These are just three examples of how Relief has saved people's lives.  There are 100's of stories just like these!!

To understand what Relief does and how it works you need to know what is in it.  It has an effective Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate formula that promotes healthy mobile joints.  It will help your joints to bend and flex more easily by helping to strengthen cartilage.  Dr. Don...the Doctor behind all of our supplements claims his mother had crippled knuckles from osteoarthritis and after using this supplement it helped diminish the crippling and her rings fell off!!!  I personally have had several loyal customers tell me that they had been on Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the past that they got from their doctors or from health food stores and they did not compare to what our Relief has done for them.  In fact a couple customers  didn't want to try it because they did not think it would help considering their past experience with these two herbs.  They were extremely happy after I convinced them that ours works differently and I assured it would work for them....they constantly thank me today for my!!!

If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, or any kind of muscle or joint pain Relief is going to change your life.  If you would like more information on Relief visit my website to see a full list of ingredients or email your questions to me at  This product is changing so many lives and I hope you let it change yours and lead you to a pain free life!!

*Relief does contain shellfish so please be advised if you have a shellfish allergy!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheat without feeling guilty...Fat Fighter!!!

One of the first products my husband and I tried with our company It Works! Global was the amazing Fat Fighter with carb inhibitors!!  In our research of the products we found that the supplement Fat Fighters were helping people with Diabetes and high cholesterol which made it a perfect place for us to start in our quest to try each and every product the company has.  My husband Barry suffers from type 2 Diabetes and  I had just been put on medicine for my high cholesterol and Mitro valve prolapse. So our first test was to see what these Fat Fighters could really do.  We thought if these really worked we could help so many people live a better life....side effect free!!

My husband Barry started the Fat Fighters as well as the Greens and our amazing multi vitamin.  After the first week of being on all three Barry's blood sugar was lower then it had been in two years.  I also was taken all three supplements and I have to admit, I felt better then I had in years also.  We noticed that we felt less bloated after eating larger meals and we were both dropping a little weight without changing to much about our diet.  Just by simply taking 2 Fat fighters a day after our worst meal and taking our Greens supplement and our muti vitamin every morning for those 3 months we were both able to ween off all 3 of our medications for his diabetes and my prolapse.  Then I went back to the doctor and tested my cholesterol levels again they had gone from 218 to 198 in 3 months also.  In fact my doctor commented that the medication he put me on must be working rather well because of my cholesterol and he could also hear no palpitations.  That is when I informed him that I had stopped taking the medications he prescribed over 3 months ago....I was only taking the supplements from It Works!  I have not had one incident nor felt one palpitation in over a year now since being on the It Works Supplements!!  In a nut shell these products have saved our lives and the lives of many people we have helped over the last year!

So what is Fat Fighter with carb inhibitors and how exactly does it work??   Fat Fighters have a special blend of plant based herbs and botanical s that are used all over the world to treat people with Diabetes and people with heart disease, high cholesterol, and weight issues.  Chromium, which is one of the first ingredients in our fat fighter is actually used in several other countries to actually treat and cure type 2 diabetics.  This supplement works by grabbing the fat and carbohydrates in your food and it puts a protective coating around it and pulls it into your colon so you can expel it naturally.  The protective coating stops the fat and carbs from reentering the blood stream and storing in our fat cells.  As you watch the video attached to this blog...imagine that the glass of water is your stomach and that the vegetable oil that we pour on top is the Olive Garden you just ate full of carbs and fat.  We then crushed up two of our Fat Fighters and pour them on top.  You will see the Fat Fighters start to grab the fat and carbs and pull them together with that protective coating.  You will then see that as it does that it will pull the contents in the protective coating to the bottom of the glass.  This is exactly what it is doing in your stomach except instead of pulling it to the bottom of the glass it pulls it into your colon where you can then expel them naturally.  That protective coating is a barrier that stops the carbs and fats from reentering our bodies again.  My favorite part about fat fighters is that the only work if you take them 15 to 45 minutes after you do not have to take them before like other similar products out there like it.  I love it because i never know when I am going to eat.  How many times have you thought that you were hungry and plan on eating and then something happens where you do not end up eating for a couple hours....if you would have taken other supplements they would have been wasted.

One of the biggest questions I get asked about Fat Fighters is are they like Alli??  Absolutely not!!  Ali is synthetic and it works inside of your colon.  That is why there is that little warning on the side of an Ali bottle that states....WARNING THIS PRODUCT MAY CAUSE LEAKY BUTT SYNDROME...or something along those  I personally know someone who took Ali before their wedding to drop some quick extra pounds and she had to wear depends because for a week she had stuff leaking out of her.  Ali is not healthy and very dangerous as most synthetic things are that we put in our body.  My Fat Fighters are all natural NOT synthetic and they work on top of the food in the stomach not in your colon where it is too late to absorb many of the carb and fats that are still in your stomach.  Fat Fighters are my number 3 seller after our Body Applicators and Greens and I have never ever had one person in a year and a half tell me they had leaky butts or diarrhea from our product.  They are 100% safe, natural, and side effect free!!  Most people that use our Fat Fighters for 1 month can see up to 10 pounds lost simply from the fact that they are absorbing up to 1/3 or 60% of the fat and carbs in their bad meals.  For those of you dieters out there now you have something to take if you "mess up" on you diets....with these two little pills you can safely splurge without the guilt once in a while!!   I love Fat Fighters and for only $ will you!!

If you would like to see a full list of Fat fighter ingredients please visit my website at or click on the link to my website on this page.  Or you can email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions.  Please take the time to watch the attached video...It is so cool and it really will show you how our Fat Fighter looks in action!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

So what's an It Works Wrap n Lose party??

One of the biggest aspects of my It Works business are our wrap n lose parties.  So what is a wrap n lose party you ask??  Wrap n lose parties are a time you can get all your friends and women...and try our famous Ultimate Body Applicator.  It also gives us...the It Works Distributor... a chance to showcase our other amazing products such as the top of the line skin care and supplements and a chance for you to share the wrap with your friends and family.  It Works wrap n lose parties are truly a blast.  The company is not known to be just another one of those party companies, but we sure do love to party.

Everyone does their parties a little differently.  As I always say, no two are the same!!  One thing is for sure....everyone will see results in 45 minutes from our one of a kind first to market wrap and everyone will have a blast!!  You will get to sample our Greens, Pro fit which is our protein shake, defining gel, lip and eye cream, and of course the wrap!!  Just to give you all an idea of what goes on at one of these fun get together' s,  I have posted the video of a recent party I just did!!  Again, keep in mind no two are the same and this is just an example of how a party can look!!  A special thank you to Triple Diamond Stacy Stevens for coming along and helping me record it for all of you to see!! To those of you that are wondering....a total of 6 people came there were 32 inches lost at that party and 4 of the six signed up to be new It Works customers and one joined our family and became an It Works distributor!!!  Enjoy the show!!

p.s.  The video ran out before we could get everyone's reaction and results so please stay tuned for the next party where we will post before and afters and everyone's reactions to the wrap and their personal results!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are you Alakaline?

Did you know that Acidosis is the #1 killer among men and women??  Most people think it is heart disease or some form of cancer but the truth of the matter is that it all starts with acidosis.  To explain this to you in a better manner let me use this analogy.  Imagine in the summer when your swimming pool turns green. You then test it with the pool tester kit and it shows that the alkalinity is not at the right levels.  You then take the sample to a pool place where they give you the right chemicals to put in the pool so that it will clear up and you can go swimming again.  Now let's imagine for a minute what that pool would begin to look like if we never went and got the proper chemicals to make it alkaline.  It would continue to get greener and greener and just imagine what you would start to see and what kind of things would start to grow inside the dirty water??  Molds, yeasts, disease, sickness, etc.  Would you let your family swim in that??  You would be afraid they would get sick...right??  Well the inside of most human bodies look like the inside of that green pool all the time.  Why....because the human body is naturally  very acidic.  Every time you or your children drink pop or eat horrible processed foods as well as just the environment you live in,  it is creating your bodies to become less and less alkaline and very acidic!!  Disease, sickness, cold germs, and most of all cancer grow and thrive in an acidic environment!!  If you can keep your body alkaline then diseases and cancer have no place to grow!!  You would never dream of letting your family swim inside that green pool yet most people do nothing about the fact that their families as well as themselves are literally drowning in that green environment on a daily basis....right inside our own bodies!!!

Up until this point we will give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that most of you were unaware that this was happening.  So now that I have told you the cold hard facts you are probably wondering what you can do to insure that your family is safe from this horrible disease that is the link that starts all others like heart attacks, cancer, strokes, acid reflux, muscle and joint fact you name it and it starts with acidosis!!!  First of all,  if you would like to know how acidic you and your families bodies really are you can ask your doctor to test your alkaline state or alkalinity.  There is a much easier less expensive way to test this.  Simply go to any local drug store and ask your pharmacist for some alkaline strips!  These are very accurate and easy for you and your family to use.  You simply test these levels by using your saliva and you can place them under your tongue.  Now your probably freaking out and wondering what can you do if you find out your body is acidic??  Well most likely you are going to find that you are indeed do not freak out because as I stated above most human beings are.  The most important thing now is that you are aware and now you can do something about it!!  Like with anything else awareness is the first step in making the changes in your families lifestyle to overcome this link to many horrible medical issues!!

A healthy diet is key to making sure you and your family stay free and clear from this disease.  In today's society it is very hard and not to mention expensive to eat right everyday without eating non organic and processed foods.  That is why my family uses all natural powder from It Works! Global.  Two small scoops of our Greens are equivalent to 6-8 servings of your daily fruits and veggies.  It is made of the highest quality herbs and the deepest of green vegetables.  You will find things like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, blueberry, cranberry, just to name a few of the over 38 super foods and nutrients!!  Our Greens not only supply your body with all the nutrients you and your family will need on a daily basis but they alkaline and detoxify your organs and the entire inside of your body!!!  You can put your two scoops in your water, orange juice, protein shake, and even sprinkle it on your children's yogurt or cereal!!  You might be thinking that it must taste terrible for it to be that amazing for your body and some of you may have taken other Greens products from other companies in the past that tasted absolutely horrible.  Well I am here to assure you that our Greens have a slight orange flavor to them and most people tell me they think it tastes like green tea when they put it in their water.  My kids will not eat or drink anything that looks funny and they have no problem sucking it right down in orange juice!!

My family has been on the Greens from It Works now for over a year.  Not only  have they improved my husbands blood sugar but it completely got rid of my acid reflux disease!!  I have been off my medicine for over a year!!  Not only that, when your body is getting all the nutrients it needs it stops those unhealthy cravings so my first month on the greens I lost 7 pounds because I wasn't eating that ice-cream and chocolate after 10 at night!!  The Greens also gave me energy where I was hitting that wall every day at 2 pm.  trying to get a nap in.  The biggest thing I noticed for my children is that besides the fact that they stopped opening up the fridge every 5 minutes looking for a one was getting sick!!  In fact over a year has gone by and no one in my family has had as much as a cold!!  I remember one time I felt a tickle in my throat and thought here I am getting sick and I simply doubled up on my greens and the next day it was gone!!  Greens is my number one selling product and every single person that I introduce them to will call me after the first month and thank me because they say they haven't felt this good in years!!  They also thank me because they are saving on this doctor bills and co pays because no one is getting sick.....and even if they do catch something it is gone in half the time that it takes people who are not on the greens!!!  What I love is that I can help keep an entire family of four healthy for only $28 a month....and that to me is priceless!!

I hope that by reading this that you are now aware of the fact that acidosis is a very huge issue!!  I hope that now that you are aware you will do something for yourself and your family and be more aware of your environment and the things you put into your bodies that causes so many health issues!!  Although I have yet to see a product that compares to the quality, standard, and price point of my Greens from It Works I do know that there are other products in pill form and powder out there that do help with acidosis and I hope that by reading this article you will get your family on something that will help this horrible disease!!  If you would like more information on how you can get the Greens sent right to your house and earn free product please feel free to email me or click on my website on the side of my blog and go to my It Works Home page to order!!!  I hope your family will make that first step on the road to good health!!  A happy body is a healthy body!!! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once more reason to join It Works! A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!!

I was introduced today to this amazing video about a study that Harvard Business School did on Multi Level Marketing companies.  In the study they tell people searching for a home based business or MLM what they should look for before getting into one.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing as I listened to the video.  I already new that I had my hands on something very special....I mean look what my husband and I have accomplished in just a short year and so many others I have met throughout the company!  Listen to the video.... and as you do keep in mind that my company It Works! Global has been around for 11 years now and debt free since 2007.  As you already know we have that one of a kind sizzle unique product that you can't get from anywhere else but our company and we are growing like wild fire.  What really stopped me in my tracks was when the gentlemen talks about the amount of distributors that the company you may be looking at currently has when you join.  He said that if the company has less then 1% of the worlds population which is roughly 1.5 million that it would be considered a good opportunity.  My company only has roughly 25 thousand world wide.  He called anything under 100 thousand a once in a lifetime opportunity!!  I knew it was special but now I know how to coin it...A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!!!  Just one more reason why anyone reading this should join our team!!  I am so excited and thrilled that we have barely scratched the surface!!  So many lives still left to change....who's with me???

Friday, February 10, 2012

It Works! Global....real business or pyramid scheme???

First of all pyramid schemes are absolutely 100% I highly doubt that a national publicized magazine like Success at Home and the Wall Street Journal, which is featured on news stands across the globe, would ruin their credibility by showcasing our company, It Works Global!  At the same time I can understand someone that is not educated in the matter or who was misinformed may think in this manner. 

For some reason Multi level Marketing AKA Network Marketing or Referral Marketing became misconstrued as a pyramid scheme some where along the way.  Even I questioned this before I signed as a distributor because a family member that I approached told me that I was involved in a pyramid scam and I at the time was not educated enough to argue the point!!  This made me want to do my research and find out what exactly was a pyramid scam and was I indeed involved with something that would eventually fail.  What I found was so exciting!  Not only was I not in a pyramid scheme,  I had hit the jack pot with a business model like no other!  The reason I decided to write this blog was to hopefully educate and help other's like myself understand what exactly this industry is!  There are so many AMAZING people out there that are approached with life changing opportunities like IT Works and they are missing the boat simply because they do not understand and have not been educated correctly.  So let me break it down and you decide!!

Here is the definition of a pyramid scheme..."a non sustainable business model that involves promising payment or services primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public". 

Now here is the definition of Multi Level Marketing..."a marketing  strategy in which the sale force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate from a real product or service but also for the sales of others they recruit creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of compensation". 

Now you see here the difference is absolutely clear!  I love how it points out that not only do you make money on your sales but also the sales of the people underneath you that you put into the business.  I point this out before we move on because I believe life should be this way!  If you go see an amazing movie and refer it to tons of your friends the only person that makes money is the movie theater...not you for making them more money!!  In my company you make money on everything!!  Wouldn't it be so cool if the CEO of the company you worked for had to make your families goals and dreams come true before his families came true??  Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing if you could make a connection with a person one time, share a product or service with them, and get paid on that person over and over again for the rest of your life just because of that one sale?? 

What about Residual income??  I had no idea what that was before I joined It Works!  The best way it was explained to me and I think can help you understand as well was this....If you were a recording artist you would go to the recording studio and make the album/CD one time!  Then from that one instance of hard work every single time that Album sells for as long as you live you would get paid!  That is exactly what residual income is, doing the work once and getting paid over and over again each month when someone decides to purchase your product!   Does the job that your currently making someone else rich at pay you over and over for something you only did one time?

 To dig even deeper into Residual income and how life changing it can be let me ask you this?  Where you are currently working at right now if something were to happen to you and you could no longer do your job would the company continue to pay you every single month for the work you did for them while you were there?  What about if God forbid you were to pass away?  Would the company you work for in corporate America pay your family for what you did while you were alive for as long as they live?  I will go ahead and assume that they answer is NO!  Well guess what?  My company It Works is the ONLY Multi Level Marketing Company out there that actually lets you will your paycheck to your children if something were to happen to you!  I am building and creating a life insurance policy for my children and a legacy for my entire family!

Now that you know the true definition what Multi Level Marketing is vs. pyramid scheme, lets decide!!  First off,  It Works! Global is a legal business and we know a pyramid scheme is not.  We provide real products and real services.  The one thing about a pyramid scheme you should be aware of is that there is NO exchange of a product or service there is only an exchange of money.  Also, where ever you come into the pyramid scheme you can never ever make more money then the person that put you in the pyramid...or the person above you!!  I have already surpassed the person that brought me into the business in fact, I am making more money then several people above me!  Think about it....don't you think that some one, anyone in the 14 years It Works have been in existence would have shut us down by now??  And did you know that pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States and throughout most of the world?Would CNN, Direct Selling Magazine, and Fortune 500/5000 feature us as one of the fastest growing companies in America and in the world??  I can tell you that the government sure doesn't think we are a pyramid scheme or I highly doubt they would have just taken the 35 Grand I owed them in Taxes this year!

The fact of the matter is that some of the richest people in the world got there by building Multi Level Marketing companies including Warren Buffet!!  Even Donald Trump just started his very own MLM and stated verbally that if he could do it all over again he would have done it through Multi Level Marketing.  Now are you going to listen to the uneducated unhappy person that lives next door telling you this is a pyramid scheme or some of the richest people in the world who are telling you that this is the way to become financially sound??  If you are reading this now and you were one of those people who thought that Multi Level Marketing was a pyramid may want to think again!  I have a new saying borrowed by another fellow team member which is " I have rich friends and I have poor rich friends are all in It Works!"  Only 1% of the entire world makes over 10 thousand dollars a month...only 1%....and a quarter of those are doing it through Multi Level Marketing!  Sounds to me like you all have two choices to be part of that can try and win the lottery or join an MLM!  My husband saw the opportunity with It Works and convinced me we should jump in with both feet!  At the time I thought he was insane but I can say now after being in over 4 years and just being inducted into our companies millionaires club....He was absolutely right and it has been the best life changing decision we have ever made!

Multi Level Marketing let's average ordinary every day people start up a business with a low start up cost and the huge opportunity to make the income of the CEO's in corporate America! If This business model can take a laid off construction worker and a waitress of 25 years with 5 children to the top of  a company in under 4 years then I believe anyone out there can do it!  My husband Barry and I have helped countless people on our team quit their jobs and live a debt free life where they
OWN their TIME!  We get to help other's every single day do what we did and the best part is we actually get paid to do it!

So now that you have read my blog and I have tried to educate you on the differences now it is up to you to decide.....real business or pyramid scheme??  If you decide that you are ready to take that leap of faith like we did I hope you will take a look at It Works Global!  We have a one of a kind product that no one else in the world has called the Ultimate Body Applicator AKA that Crazy Wrap that Literally does the same thing as liposuction and botox without any pain , bruising, or surgery and Completely ridiculously affordable!  Not to mention 9 out of 10 people see instant results in just 45 minutes!  We also have a full line of all Natural supplements and skin care!  We also just released our Brand New Healthier alternative Energy Drink!  We carry No Stock, No deliveries, and We are one of the only Home based businesses that can sign businesses!  I actually have Salons, Spas, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Shop Owners, and Doctors that I have signed up to carry our amazing Products!

The Health and Wellness Industry is the #1 Industry to be part of right now!  My husband and I have created so many amazing systems for our team over the last 4 years to insure that every person that signs up will have direct help and support from us!  We truly have THE BEST TEAM in the business!  We have also been in the top 50 income earners in our company for 3 years and running now so we know what we are doing and we are helping people do it even faster then we did!  Please feel free to contact me, Lisa Kaye Fuller 419-779-8367!  Just shoot me a text and let's talk!  Please feel free to check out more of my blog and Website at and hear more about our story!

I hope that for those of you out there reading this that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want to own your time, I hope that you will look into what Multi Level Marketing can do your you and your family!  Have an amazing Blessed Day!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Ultimate Body Applicator!

I am sure that many of you out there are wondering what  this body wrap I keep referring to is?  When most of you hear body wrap you probably think of the old school body wraps that you have seen or tried before that covers the entire body in some sort of bandages!  At that point the individual trying the wrap would jump up and down on a trampoline or some form of exercise to cause that person to sweat and there for lose inches and weight in a very short period of time!  The problem with that is that the individual is not actually losing fat they are losing water!  This is not a good thing because number 1  the person will not see lasting sustainable results and number 2 they just wasted about $100 or more!!  Sure, it might be good if you have a dress you have to fit in that day but as soon as you drink or eat something....well lets just say you'll be popping buttons off that dress in no time!!  Then of course there is shape know, the underwear that is really tight and holds you fat in!!  Problem is when you take is off...the fat is still there!!  Maybe Liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries are the answer??  But wait, what about the down time, the pain, the bruising, or what if you end up looking like someone from a horror movie??

Would it not be absolutely amazing if you had another choice??  A 100% all natural way that you could get rid of fat, cellulite, and those horrible stretch marks and see tightening, toning, and firming of the skin in only 45 minutes plus do it all in the privacy of your own home!?  Well now there is!!  The Ultimate Body Applicator by my amazing company It works! Global is a woven cloth that can be placed anywhere on your body from the neck down where you would like to see amazing results in as little as 45 minutes!!  This woven cloth that we call our version of a body wrap is site specific and infused with 100% all natural plant based botanical's!  It is completely safe and It Works!  The best part about this product besides being extremely affordable is that most people see measurable results in 45 minutes and it will continue to work for 72 hrs.....that's right 3 days!!  Best part is you do not have to sweat, in fact we do not want you to sweat!!  The way it is works is by you drinking lots of water for that 72 hr. period before, during and after you wrap!!  Drinking water is the key to making this wrap drinking lots of water you are flushing the toxins from your fat cells and shrinking those fat cells down to their original size!!  In turn this causes micro circulation which improves the color and tone of the skin as well as tightening, toning, and the firming!!  Don't forget about those stretch marks and cellulite...that will look amazing too!!  Now the best for can try this amazing product for only $30 or host a wrap n lose get together with 4 friends and get yours free!!  Then if you like what you see I can actually get you my cost which is 4 wraps for 59 shipped right to your house!!  It doesn't get any better then that!!!

  You all know my story with this amazing product and i am the most skeptical person on the earth, but it truly does work!!  Not only did I see amazing results by my 3rd day, my stretch marks looked amazing and my pants were loose from just one wrap!!  Over a year later and just 3 more wraps I am looking and feeling better then me when i say this doesn't come back!

Now a year and a half later there is no denying that this product works!  I have seen people cry at the difference in their stretch marks in just 45 minutes with one wrap!!  I have helped people get the motivation they need to get healthy and lose the weight they have forever struggled with!!  When you already feel the difference in your clothes after just one wrap, it gives you the drive and motivation to make better choices and lose that weight!!  I have had people tell me that they have tried every diet or infomercial under the sun and this is the first time that they have ever been able to lose the weight!!  Can't wait for them to share their stories with you on my blog!!    Stay tuned.....

Monday, February 6, 2012

It Works and myself in Success Magazine...HOLY COW!!!

That's right...Success at Home Magazine featured on news stands across the globe dedicated an entire issue to It Works global!!  What I love most about my amazing company is that as soon as they found that an entire issue was to be dedicated to them they didn't just say let's feature the corporate team, they said lets feature the people out in the field that are making this company so successful and I am so proud to be one of them!!  As soon as CEO Mark Pentacost found out that It Works global was to be featured he ran a contest for all of us in the field that were top money earners in the company as well as top leaders and high recruiters!!  Not only was I one of the people picked but one of my amazing distributors and friend Kimberly Essmaker was chosen for opening up the brand new area of Boise Idaho.  Kimberly built an amazing team there by making it with bringing in 8 new distributors in one month!!!  This Is HUGE!!  Now that It Works Global has that third party credibility everyone is going to know about us and what we have to offer!!  Now we can begin to change lives physically and financially all over the world!! 

 I just want to send a huge shout out to Kimberly and tell you a little about how i got her to join my team!!  A chance meeting outside of a hotel in St. Augustine Florida started it all!!  I was standing outside getting some air and Kimberly walked around the corner.  Being my overly friendly self i started making small talk and of course I am always looking for an open to change another life and talk about my amazing company and products so.....I asked Kimberly what she was doing there and she said she was a hair dresser traveling for a couple months to live out her dream and meet well known people in her field and looking to improve her craft!!  Well of course I had to tell her about this amazing body wrap that could be an awesome add on service in her business and before I knew it she agreed to come to my room in the morning and try a wrap!!  She lost 4 inches in the first 2 hrs and she purchased some product from me to take along with her on her trip.....i could tell she was still skeptical but she told me that in a month or so when she got back to her hometown of Boise she would give me a call!!  Long story short....she called, signed up as a distributor and opened an entire city up to the It Works Way of changing lives!!  In just 4 short months she has 100's of customers and distributors helping her change lives all over Idaho and beyond!!  I am so honored and humbled to call Kimberly a friend and have someone like her in my family and on my team!!  Kimberly Essmaker is making a difference in the lives of other people and a true inspiration....GO KIMBERLY!

(you can look for that edition of Success at Home Magazine on news stands in March)   

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hello, my name is Lisa Fuller and I am a 38 year old married mother of 5 and up until a year and a half ago a waitress/bartender for 23 years!!  My husbands name is Barry and our 5 amazing children are Barry Jr., Collin, Jakob, Riley, and last but not least our youngest Sydney!!  As I stated I was a waitress up until a year and a half ago when I was approached with a crazy little thing called The Ultimate Body Applicator by a company called It Works! Global!  It was given to me by a waitress at my work and she told me if I placed this cloth looking patch with these all natural plant-based ingredients on my tummy I would lose my love handles!  Like most of you reading this your thoughts are probably the same as mine were at the time...I thought "yeah right" and "it's only water weight it will just come right back"....well I am here to tell you it did not come back!  Little did I know that one decision would change the course of my families life forever.  You see,  I decided to join this company called It Works! global and in less then a year went from a tax return in 2010 of 12,000 dollars to this years tax return in 2011 was 80,000 dollars!!!  This amazing body wrap and the companies all natural supplements and top of the line skin care has not only changed my families life physically and financially but we are helping people all over the world do the same!!

 The first thing i want you to know is that this site is brand new and a work in progress, so please check back daily for all the new updates.  Here is what you can expect to see when it is up and running!!  You will be able to read featured stories and see the pictures of the lives that have been changed by this amazing company financially and by their amazing products physically!  If you are looking for an opportunity to bring in an extra income you will be able to find that here  as well as information on all the products we carry!  I will be doing bi weekly blogs giving you information and tips on how I have made a successful business and tons of motivation!  You also get tips on how to keep yourself healthy and even have access to what products are recommended to help you with whatever you suffer from medically!! Weather you are looking for a life changing opportunity, health information, or business will be able to find it all right here!!

Thank you so much for visiting my page and I hope you will visit us again to hear and see Amazing results from real people!!

If you would like more information on the products or joining my team please email me at