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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are you Alakaline?

Did you know that Acidosis is the #1 killer among men and women??  Most people think it is heart disease or some form of cancer but the truth of the matter is that it all starts with acidosis.  To explain this to you in a better manner let me use this analogy.  Imagine in the summer when your swimming pool turns green. You then test it with the pool tester kit and it shows that the alkalinity is not at the right levels.  You then take the sample to a pool place where they give you the right chemicals to put in the pool so that it will clear up and you can go swimming again.  Now let's imagine for a minute what that pool would begin to look like if we never went and got the proper chemicals to make it alkaline.  It would continue to get greener and greener and just imagine what you would start to see and what kind of things would start to grow inside the dirty water??  Molds, yeasts, disease, sickness, etc.  Would you let your family swim in that??  You would be afraid they would get sick...right??  Well the inside of most human bodies look like the inside of that green pool all the time.  Why....because the human body is naturally  very acidic.  Every time you or your children drink pop or eat horrible processed foods as well as just the environment you live in,  it is creating your bodies to become less and less alkaline and very acidic!!  Disease, sickness, cold germs, and most of all cancer grow and thrive in an acidic environment!!  If you can keep your body alkaline then diseases and cancer have no place to grow!!  You would never dream of letting your family swim inside that green pool yet most people do nothing about the fact that their families as well as themselves are literally drowning in that green environment on a daily basis....right inside our own bodies!!!

Up until this point we will give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that most of you were unaware that this was happening.  So now that I have told you the cold hard facts you are probably wondering what you can do to insure that your family is safe from this horrible disease that is the link that starts all others like heart attacks, cancer, strokes, acid reflux, muscle and joint fact you name it and it starts with acidosis!!!  First of all,  if you would like to know how acidic you and your families bodies really are you can ask your doctor to test your alkaline state or alkalinity.  There is a much easier less expensive way to test this.  Simply go to any local drug store and ask your pharmacist for some alkaline strips!  These are very accurate and easy for you and your family to use.  You simply test these levels by using your saliva and you can place them under your tongue.  Now your probably freaking out and wondering what can you do if you find out your body is acidic??  Well most likely you are going to find that you are indeed do not freak out because as I stated above most human beings are.  The most important thing now is that you are aware and now you can do something about it!!  Like with anything else awareness is the first step in making the changes in your families lifestyle to overcome this link to many horrible medical issues!!

A healthy diet is key to making sure you and your family stay free and clear from this disease.  In today's society it is very hard and not to mention expensive to eat right everyday without eating non organic and processed foods.  That is why my family uses all natural powder from It Works! Global.  Two small scoops of our Greens are equivalent to 6-8 servings of your daily fruits and veggies.  It is made of the highest quality herbs and the deepest of green vegetables.  You will find things like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, blueberry, cranberry, just to name a few of the over 38 super foods and nutrients!!  Our Greens not only supply your body with all the nutrients you and your family will need on a daily basis but they alkaline and detoxify your organs and the entire inside of your body!!!  You can put your two scoops in your water, orange juice, protein shake, and even sprinkle it on your children's yogurt or cereal!!  You might be thinking that it must taste terrible for it to be that amazing for your body and some of you may have taken other Greens products from other companies in the past that tasted absolutely horrible.  Well I am here to assure you that our Greens have a slight orange flavor to them and most people tell me they think it tastes like green tea when they put it in their water.  My kids will not eat or drink anything that looks funny and they have no problem sucking it right down in orange juice!!

My family has been on the Greens from It Works now for over a year.  Not only  have they improved my husbands blood sugar but it completely got rid of my acid reflux disease!!  I have been off my medicine for over a year!!  Not only that, when your body is getting all the nutrients it needs it stops those unhealthy cravings so my first month on the greens I lost 7 pounds because I wasn't eating that ice-cream and chocolate after 10 at night!!  The Greens also gave me energy where I was hitting that wall every day at 2 pm.  trying to get a nap in.  The biggest thing I noticed for my children is that besides the fact that they stopped opening up the fridge every 5 minutes looking for a one was getting sick!!  In fact over a year has gone by and no one in my family has had as much as a cold!!  I remember one time I felt a tickle in my throat and thought here I am getting sick and I simply doubled up on my greens and the next day it was gone!!  Greens is my number one selling product and every single person that I introduce them to will call me after the first month and thank me because they say they haven't felt this good in years!!  They also thank me because they are saving on this doctor bills and co pays because no one is getting sick.....and even if they do catch something it is gone in half the time that it takes people who are not on the greens!!!  What I love is that I can help keep an entire family of four healthy for only $28 a month....and that to me is priceless!!

I hope that by reading this that you are now aware of the fact that acidosis is a very huge issue!!  I hope that now that you are aware you will do something for yourself and your family and be more aware of your environment and the things you put into your bodies that causes so many health issues!!  Although I have yet to see a product that compares to the quality, standard, and price point of my Greens from It Works I do know that there are other products in pill form and powder out there that do help with acidosis and I hope that by reading this article you will get your family on something that will help this horrible disease!!  If you would like more information on how you can get the Greens sent right to your house and earn free product please feel free to email me or click on my website on the side of my blog and go to my It Works Home page to order!!!  I hope your family will make that first step on the road to good health!!  A happy body is a healthy body!!! 

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