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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheat without feeling guilty...Fat Fighter!!!

One of the first products my husband and I tried with our company It Works! Global was the amazing Fat Fighter with carb inhibitors!!  In our research of the products we found that the supplement Fat Fighters were helping people with Diabetes and high cholesterol which made it a perfect place for us to start in our quest to try each and every product the company has.  My husband Barry suffers from type 2 Diabetes and  I had just been put on medicine for my high cholesterol and Mitro valve prolapse. So our first test was to see what these Fat Fighters could really do.  We thought if these really worked we could help so many people live a better life....side effect free!!

My husband Barry started the Fat Fighters as well as the Greens and our amazing multi vitamin.  After the first week of being on all three Barry's blood sugar was lower then it had been in two years.  I also was taken all three supplements and I have to admit, I felt better then I had in years also.  We noticed that we felt less bloated after eating larger meals and we were both dropping a little weight without changing to much about our diet.  Just by simply taking 2 Fat fighters a day after our worst meal and taking our Greens supplement and our muti vitamin every morning for those 3 months we were both able to ween off all 3 of our medications for his diabetes and my prolapse.  Then I went back to the doctor and tested my cholesterol levels again they had gone from 218 to 198 in 3 months also.  In fact my doctor commented that the medication he put me on must be working rather well because of my cholesterol and he could also hear no palpitations.  That is when I informed him that I had stopped taking the medications he prescribed over 3 months ago....I was only taking the supplements from It Works!  I have not had one incident nor felt one palpitation in over a year now since being on the It Works Supplements!!  In a nut shell these products have saved our lives and the lives of many people we have helped over the last year!

So what is Fat Fighter with carb inhibitors and how exactly does it work??   Fat Fighters have a special blend of plant based herbs and botanical s that are used all over the world to treat people with Diabetes and people with heart disease, high cholesterol, and weight issues.  Chromium, which is one of the first ingredients in our fat fighter is actually used in several other countries to actually treat and cure type 2 diabetics.  This supplement works by grabbing the fat and carbohydrates in your food and it puts a protective coating around it and pulls it into your colon so you can expel it naturally.  The protective coating stops the fat and carbs from reentering the blood stream and storing in our fat cells.  As you watch the video attached to this blog...imagine that the glass of water is your stomach and that the vegetable oil that we pour on top is the Olive Garden you just ate full of carbs and fat.  We then crushed up two of our Fat Fighters and pour them on top.  You will see the Fat Fighters start to grab the fat and carbs and pull them together with that protective coating.  You will then see that as it does that it will pull the contents in the protective coating to the bottom of the glass.  This is exactly what it is doing in your stomach except instead of pulling it to the bottom of the glass it pulls it into your colon where you can then expel them naturally.  That protective coating is a barrier that stops the carbs and fats from reentering our bodies again.  My favorite part about fat fighters is that the only work if you take them 15 to 45 minutes after you do not have to take them before like other similar products out there like it.  I love it because i never know when I am going to eat.  How many times have you thought that you were hungry and plan on eating and then something happens where you do not end up eating for a couple hours....if you would have taken other supplements they would have been wasted.

One of the biggest questions I get asked about Fat Fighters is are they like Alli??  Absolutely not!!  Ali is synthetic and it works inside of your colon.  That is why there is that little warning on the side of an Ali bottle that states....WARNING THIS PRODUCT MAY CAUSE LEAKY BUTT SYNDROME...or something along those  I personally know someone who took Ali before their wedding to drop some quick extra pounds and she had to wear depends because for a week she had stuff leaking out of her.  Ali is not healthy and very dangerous as most synthetic things are that we put in our body.  My Fat Fighters are all natural NOT synthetic and they work on top of the food in the stomach not in your colon where it is too late to absorb many of the carb and fats that are still in your stomach.  Fat Fighters are my number 3 seller after our Body Applicators and Greens and I have never ever had one person in a year and a half tell me they had leaky butts or diarrhea from our product.  They are 100% safe, natural, and side effect free!!  Most people that use our Fat Fighters for 1 month can see up to 10 pounds lost simply from the fact that they are absorbing up to 1/3 or 60% of the fat and carbs in their bad meals.  For those of you dieters out there now you have something to take if you "mess up" on you diets....with these two little pills you can safely splurge without the guilt once in a while!!   I love Fat Fighters and for only $ will you!!

If you would like to see a full list of Fat fighter ingredients please visit my website at or click on the link to my website on this page.  Or you can email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions.  Please take the time to watch the attached video...It is so cool and it really will show you how our Fat Fighter looks in action!!


  1. Just a little disclaimer.....My company It Works! Global does not claim that our products CURE anything...I am simply stating what has helped me and others I know!!

  2. Which multi vitamin is your husband taking? It's Vital Omega-3,
    It's Vital Minerals, It's Vital Core Nutrition, or It's Vital Complete Nutrition Pack?