Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

Life Changing Oppertunity

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Monday, February 27, 2012


If you ever wanted to win the lottery now is your chance!!  I always tell every new team member that starting your business with It Works! Global is a winning lottery ticket you just have to cash it in!!  We all know what my husband Barry and I did in under a year and what so many others are doing with this what is holding you back??  We already explained that this is a no-risk investment which means that not only do you get to sign up for half price at only $99, but you get your money right back in your pocket for your initial investment when your sponsor helps you sell the 4 wraps you get in your business builder kit!!  Everything you make after that is pure profit!! only gets better!!!

Right now....through the end of February you have the chance to make some life changing money with our two promotions going on until the 29th!!  I have been with the company a year and a half now and never have I seen two promotions this good and this life changing!!  The first is called the RUBY GUARANTEE!!!  What that means is that if you, with your sponsors help, can get you to the rank we call RUBY in our company within your first 30 days in the will get a guaranteed first check of no less then $599!!  I have never ever seen a company guarantee what you will earn your very first month.  The rank of ruby will take a little work but is very achievable...I did it in 30 days along with many others...and with our help as a team you can too!!!!!

What would you do with 10 Grand???  Pay off some bills??? Take the kids on vacation???  The possibilities are endless!!  That is where our second promotion comes in...Its called the GOOD BONUS or GET OUT OF DEBT BONUS.  What that means is that if you, with the help of your sponsor, get to the rank in the company we call DIAMOND by June 30th then you will receive a 10 thousand dollar bonus just for getting there!!  This will also take some work.....I did it in two and a half months and others have done it in less then that, but with the help of your sponsor and their leadership and support I am sure you will have no problem making it happen!!

I just gave you 3 amazing reasons why now is the time to change your life...Half off distributorship for only $99 and get your money right back, The Ruby Guarantee, and the $10,000 GOOD Bonus!!  This company is changing the lives of people across the globe physically and financially and it can change yours too!!  These specials end February 29th and if you take a chance on yourself and get signed up this month you will be going with us into the biggest month in our business...March!!  Now is the time...a company only rises to the top can help us make this amazing company It Works! Global a household name all over the world!!  We just grew over 500% over the last two years and we are in the top 50 of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.  Not taking hold of this opportunity is like throwing that winning lottery ticket out the window!!  With Success at Home Magazine that dedicated an entire issue to our company coming out on newsstands in will be able to show everyone that you are a part of history in the making!!  So ask yourself...are you and your dreams worth a $99 life changing investment??  My husband Barry and I have helped so many others live out their goals and dreams and we still have so much more to give and so many lives to help change.  We hope you will invest in yourself and your family and take the journey with us!!  The timing could never be more perfect then right now!!  Contact me via facebook, twitter, email, and I will personally tell you how you can get started and join our amazing family and team!!  We cannot wait to make this happen for you!!  It Works! Global WILL change your life!!!!!!!

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