Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once more reason to join It Works! A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!!

I was introduced today to this amazing video about a study that Harvard Business School did on Multi Level Marketing companies.  In the study they tell people searching for a home based business or MLM what they should look for before getting into one.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing as I listened to the video.  I already new that I had my hands on something very special....I mean look what my husband and I have accomplished in just a short year and so many others I have met throughout the company!  Listen to the video.... and as you do keep in mind that my company It Works! Global has been around for 11 years now and debt free since 2007.  As you already know we have that one of a kind sizzle unique product that you can't get from anywhere else but our company and we are growing like wild fire.  What really stopped me in my tracks was when the gentlemen talks about the amount of distributors that the company you may be looking at currently has when you join.  He said that if the company has less then 1% of the worlds population which is roughly 1.5 million that it would be considered a good opportunity.  My company only has roughly 25 thousand world wide.  He called anything under 100 thousand a once in a lifetime opportunity!!  I knew it was special but now I know how to coin it...A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!!!  Just one more reason why anyone reading this should join our team!!  I am so excited and thrilled that we have barely scratched the surface!!  So many lives still left to change....who's with me???

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