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Just the beginning Itworks

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Monday, February 6, 2012

It Works and myself in Success Magazine...HOLY COW!!!

That's right...Success at Home Magazine featured on news stands across the globe dedicated an entire issue to It Works global!!  What I love most about my amazing company is that as soon as they found that an entire issue was to be dedicated to them they didn't just say let's feature the corporate team, they said lets feature the people out in the field that are making this company so successful and I am so proud to be one of them!!  As soon as CEO Mark Pentacost found out that It Works global was to be featured he ran a contest for all of us in the field that were top money earners in the company as well as top leaders and high recruiters!!  Not only was I one of the people picked but one of my amazing distributors and friend Kimberly Essmaker was chosen for opening up the brand new area of Boise Idaho.  Kimberly built an amazing team there by making it with bringing in 8 new distributors in one month!!!  This Is HUGE!!  Now that It Works Global has that third party credibility everyone is going to know about us and what we have to offer!!  Now we can begin to change lives physically and financially all over the world!! 

 I just want to send a huge shout out to Kimberly and tell you a little about how i got her to join my team!!  A chance meeting outside of a hotel in St. Augustine Florida started it all!!  I was standing outside getting some air and Kimberly walked around the corner.  Being my overly friendly self i started making small talk and of course I am always looking for an open to change another life and talk about my amazing company and products so.....I asked Kimberly what she was doing there and she said she was a hair dresser traveling for a couple months to live out her dream and meet well known people in her field and looking to improve her craft!!  Well of course I had to tell her about this amazing body wrap that could be an awesome add on service in her business and before I knew it she agreed to come to my room in the morning and try a wrap!!  She lost 4 inches in the first 2 hrs and she purchased some product from me to take along with her on her trip.....i could tell she was still skeptical but she told me that in a month or so when she got back to her hometown of Boise she would give me a call!!  Long story short....she called, signed up as a distributor and opened an entire city up to the It Works Way of changing lives!!  In just 4 short months she has 100's of customers and distributors helping her change lives all over Idaho and beyond!!  I am so honored and humbled to call Kimberly a friend and have someone like her in my family and on my team!!  Kimberly Essmaker is making a difference in the lives of other people and a true inspiration....GO KIMBERLY!

(you can look for that edition of Success at Home Magazine on news stands in March)   

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