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Just the beginning Itworks

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Friday, February 24, 2012

How do you spell RELIEF???

What I love more than anything about my company It Works! Global is the fact that we have such a wide array of all natural supplements.  Besides my greens one of my favorite products is our supplement called Relief.  Relief is literally transforming people's lives who suffer from various kinds of diseases related to muscle and joint pain.  In fact, one of my customers was able to get off  seven different medications due to a couple other of our supplements including Relief.  Linda suffered from severe Fibromyalgia and had horrible constant back pain.  These supplements have changed Linda's life and because of what they have done for her she is now a distributor in the company and on a mission to help other people just like her.   I remember one of the first trainings I did a couple of my distributors brought their husbands along to hear more about the company.  I remember one husband in particular asked if he could tell the group his story.  He stated that when his wife started with It Works he thought "oh she goes again"!  He explained that she had ventured into several other home based businesses in the past and he instantly thought that this was just another product that doesn't work and just another company they would put more money into then get back.  He said that there was two things that changed his mind...her second check and Relief!!  He told us his story of how he had been in construction for 30 years and that he had horrible muscle and joint pain especially in his hands and knees.  Being very skeptical he agreed to try Relief after his wife nagging him for a week and to his surprise.....within literately a couple days the difference was remarkable.  He was able to get his wedding ring back on his finger and he said his knees felt better then they had in years.  In the past he had tried several other supplements and pain meds but they never helped....this had changed his life.  To not wake up every day in pain how he put it "was god sent"!  Marge Poole now a diamond under me in the company is also another example of Relief doing its thing!!  Marge had horrible arthritis in her hands and for years her knuckles were swollen and she was unable to get her rings on.  After 2 months of relief she was able to move her hands again without pain and get her rings on again.  Marge has been with our company now for over a year and claims Relief along with some of our other supplements has "changed her life"!  These are just three examples of how Relief has saved people's lives.  There are 100's of stories just like these!!

To understand what Relief does and how it works you need to know what is in it.  It has an effective Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate formula that promotes healthy mobile joints.  It will help your joints to bend and flex more easily by helping to strengthen cartilage.  Dr. Don...the Doctor behind all of our supplements claims his mother had crippled knuckles from osteoarthritis and after using this supplement it helped diminish the crippling and her rings fell off!!!  I personally have had several loyal customers tell me that they had been on Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the past that they got from their doctors or from health food stores and they did not compare to what our Relief has done for them.  In fact a couple customers  didn't want to try it because they did not think it would help considering their past experience with these two herbs.  They were extremely happy after I convinced them that ours works differently and I assured it would work for them....they constantly thank me today for my!!!

If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, or any kind of muscle or joint pain Relief is going to change your life.  If you would like more information on Relief visit my website to see a full list of ingredients or email your questions to me at  This product is changing so many lives and I hope you let it change yours and lead you to a pain free life!!

*Relief does contain shellfish so please be advised if you have a shellfish allergy!!

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