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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Grand sounds GOOD to me!!!

So your sitting there wondering if you are always going to be in that same situation forever.  Living paycheck, robbing Peter to pay Paul, just getting by!?  Some people wait their whole life to win the lottery and leaving it to chance while others just sit there waiting for some miracle to happen that will change their life forever and 90% of the time that "big break" never comes.  Maybe you actually have money and do not struggle every month but you feel empty and incomplete.  Your sitting there wondering am I always going to have to work this hard and miss this much of my families lives to have this kind of income.?  Will I wake up when I am 80 years old and wonder where did the time go and who's life have I really helped change on this will they remember me when I am gone...did I actually impact anyone and make a real difference?? 

I was one of those people I described above.  I was slowly going into deeper and deeper debt after my husband Barry, a construction worker, lost his job 3 years ago.  Being a mother of 5 and a waitress for 25 years was all I knew.  When Barry lost his job due to the horrible economy I decided to pick up more hours at the restaurant to help out with the income that we were losing until he could find something else.  I thought it would be a couple weeks, but in this horrible economy two years later that something else never came!  In the process of us losing our car and house because of the loss of Barry's income we also were going into deeper debt because Barry's type 2 diabetes was getting really bad.  In-fact a little over a year and a half ago he was hospitalized twice with blood sugar of over 500 both times and if any of you have ever had a stay at the hospital you know its not cheap....and with no insurance well lets just say a band aid was $10....!!!!  So now on top of everything else we have these huge hospital bills hanging over our heads!!!   Talk about stressed out....would this ever could it ever end??  How could a laid off construction worker and a waitress ever get out from under all the debt and create a better future for their family??  Should we sit and wait and pray that we win the lottery or hope for that miracle that would change things for us forever??  That is what most people do and in the end that miracle never comes or they have a ton of regrets of how they could have done things differently!  If only I had gone to college and not gotten pregnant, if only I would have listened to my parents, if only if only if only!!!!!!  Then something amazing did happen.  An opportunity came into our lives that most people would have ignored.  It was one of those things that most people pass by but then look back on it years later and wished they would have went for it.  That opportunity is called IT WORKS GLOBAL and I am here to make sure that none of you reading this accidentally pass this by!  IT WORKS GLOBAL is that winning lottery ticket it is that divine intervention that you have been looking for.  This life changing opportunity has changed my families life and it can be your salvation too....if you let it!!

So what exactly is IT WORKS GLOBAL.  At face value you might think its just another home based business with some great supplements and skin care but then something exciting hear the words Ultimate Body Applicator!!  What is the Ultimate Body Applicator??  Well, some explain it as a type of wrap and some call it a fat patch but i call it REVOLUTIONARY!!  This cloth infused with plant based all natural botanicals can be place anywhere on your body from the neck down and in just 45 minutes something begins to see results!!!  What kind of results??  Well this is going to sound a little crazy and may seem quite unbelievable but in as little as 45 minutes after you apply tightens tones and firms your skin and improves the look of cellulite and stretch marks and as a side effect for about 90% of the people that try it they see sustainable inch loss.  It is a detox wrap that is great food for your skin and fat cells and every ingredient in it is an anti inflammatory that takes down swelling and inflammation in your body and it improves circulation.  It is the only one of it's kind in the entire world and we have no competition and there is no category for it.  Some say its a wrap but the wraps out there today are water loss and results do not last but this is quite different because the results do last and can last forever.  Can you believe the eyes of people I approach when I say that I a have a magic cloth that is taking the place of liposuction, botox, and shapewear??  There is no pain, no bruising, no surgery, and you see something happen in 45 minutes and continue to see improved results for 72 hrs. even after you take it off!!

On top of having a first to market product that has been featured in the Oscar and Emmy swag bags for the stars and the fact that we have been featured in several credible magazines and that we are one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the U.S. right now in our field of direct sales,  my company also has top of the line skin care and supplements that are changing lives.  In fact the whole reason why my husband and I are doing this right now is because 3 of our supplements helped Barry get off of his 3 diabetic meds and remember when i stated above that Barry was hospitalized for diabetes with blood sugar over 500??  Well since taking our supplements his blood sugar has stayed under 110 for 11 months now and my cholesterol level went from 218 to 198!!  These products have changed our lives physically forever! 

Now when I found this company I originally did not want to be a part of it simply because it is selling and i am not a sales person.  It was Barry who insisted that we give this a shot because he said that if this fat patch (lol) thing could do for other men and women what it was doing for us...I had wrapped my abdomen and lost 6 inches with one wrap and my stretch marks nearly dissipated....then we would be millionaires!!  Of course I thought he was insane but I did however want to get the products at the distributor after some coaxing, Barry convinced me that together we should give this a shot.  After all, what did we have to lose??  The financial situation we were in couldn't get any worse and like Barry said "worse case scenario it will at least pay for our products to help with his diabetes and my cholesterol"!!  Needless to say that a year and a half later not only did we get our products paid for but we also are making more in one month then we did together in an entire year.  Going from 30 grand a year to a six figure income a year was unthinkable but yet we just did it!!  I am starting to believe that Barry's statement about us making millions wasn't far off.  In fact I know it is not far off because right now the top money earner in the company...a former school teacher..has been in the company 6 years and is a millionaire and she is not the only one.  How exciting is it that a waitress and construction worker can do what we just did in less then 2 me we are still scratching our heads but it is definitely true and definitely real because we are living proof!!

Okay so at this point in the story you are probably thinking " this all sounds great a true rags to riches story" and then your thinking" but they are probably one of the very few that got lucky enough to actually make it big"!!  Well I am here to put your mind at rest because not only are we doing this but we are bringing in friends, family, and complete strangers and helping them do this too.  In fact almost every person I have helped start their business with It Works Global and join my and Barry's team are all making life changing money in months...not years...months!!!  The best part is that not only are we helping people just like us get financial freedom we are also helping people get healthier, lose weight, look younger, and feel great!!  We have supplements that can help with so many different things its insane.  We have stuff for of course diabetes and cholesterol but that is just the tip of the iceburg.  We can help people with muscle and joint pain, atherites, firbro myalgia, psoriasis, excema , acne, IBS, Chrones disease, acid reflux, cancer, and the list goes on!!

So your not a sales person...perfect because if you were you would never make it on our team!!  High pressured sales people do not do well.  In today's tough economy people do not want to BUY anything your SELLING but they do however love to hear stories of the lives that are being changed physically and financially through our company and then they want to be a part of it!!  If you are afraid you would be alone in this think again because we have an entire team of people that want to help you succeed and make money!  We will hold your hand step by step and help you make a profit your very first month!!  Not only will your lives be changed physically and financially but you will help others in the process and there is nothing more rewarding!!

This sounds to good to be true...what's the catch??  Trust me I was very skeptical and thought the same exact thing but then I got on the products and saw what they did for myself and Barry and then I saw the lives being changed every single day and I soon came to see that for the first time in my life something that seemed to good to be true was exactly what it seemed. Plus, at that time in my life I had absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a shot and I heard the stories and met so many people who's lives had already been transformed physically and financially i just had to give this a shot!!

So here are the cold hard facts.  Right now our company IT Works Global is experiencing what people in business call exponential growth.  A company only grows to the top one time and goes through momentum one time.  If you can get in any company during that kind of growth before it becomes a household name..simply can mean financial freedom for anyone who joins in. Harvard Business School did a study on what to look for if you were going to get into a home based business and actually make money in it...not a little money...but a whole lot of money.  Harvard's study concluded that there are 3 key things to look for when you are looking at one and the first is stability!  How long has the company been around? They concluded that a company should be atleast 18 months old and if you are extremely lucky to find one that is debt free (they said its rare) then its considered one to look at.  Second they said that the company needs a WOW product...a sizzle product that you cannot find anywhere else in the world and if it has no competition then you hit the jackpot.  Then third and the last factor to look for is saturation.  They said if you can find a company that is not yet saturated and not a household name yet but does have the ability to be a household name then it should be considered as a contender. Harvard went a step further and said that if the company you are looking at has less then 100 thousand sellers or distributors of the products world wide that it is considered a once in a life time opportunity!!  Here is where things get crazy because Harvard said its almost impossible for a company to fit all three of those criteria....they said sometimes you can find one or two but never barely ever three.  Now it gets crazy because my company IT WORKS GLOBAL has all three!!!  We have been around for 11 years and growing steady and we went debt free in 2009.  WE have that number one first to market sizzle product with the Ultimate Body Applicator and that's no joke.  When you tell people that they can put a patch anywhere from the neck down and see results in only 45 minutes it stops people (men and women) right in their tracks...they want to know more!! Last but certainly not least the most important factor ...saturation.  It Works Global is considered that once in a lifetime opportunity because we only have about 30 thousand sellers or distributors world wide and we are not a household name YET but will be very soon!!!  Now I know we are a once in a lifetime opportunity because of what we just did in less then 2 years but the other reason I know is because of how many other people we are helping do it too!!

How do you get started?? get back with the person that sent you to read my blog.  They are one of my amazing team members that I have mentored and trained to help people just like you become successful.  If you stumbled onto this then please contact me for more info through email.  Once you call we can get  you started!!  Now right now is crucial that you get in because this is absolutely a zero risk opportunity.  Right now to become a distributor and join our team it si only $99.  With that $99 you will receive your business builder kit in the mail which includes 4 of our ultimate body applicators.  Now whoever your sponsor is will help you see those 4 applicators and introduce your brand new business to your friends and family by hosting a wrap party for you ( if you would like to see what a wrap party is simply go to my you tube videos by click on the tab at the top and you can watch one right there)!  At that party we will help you sell those 4 wraps for 30 bucks a piece and you will get your $99 back for your initial investment now you started your business for absolutely FREE!!  How exciting is that to know that you cannot lose a dime by giving this business a try?? 

The last and most important reason and the title of my blog why you should get your business started with us right now is.... does 10 grand sound GOOD to you??  Now as I previously stated I have been with the company now a year and a half and in that time I have never ever seen them run a promotion like the one we have going right now!!  It is called the G.O.O.D. Bonus or GET OUT OF DEBT BONUS.  Now what that means to you is that if you sign with us this month and we help you get to the rank in our company that we call a diamond within 90 days of signing up then you personally will receive a 10 thousand dollar bonus.  How amazing is that??  Think of what you could do with 10 off some debt, student loans, go on vacation...the possibilities are endless!!!  And that bonus is on top of your pay and the average diamond in our company makes around 2 grand a month!!

So that's my story.  If you are reading this I personally do not think that anything in life is by chance!!  Somehow someway or someone made you find this and I believe that this is that thing that you are looking for.  It is that way out...that winning lottery ticket, that miracle you have been waiting for!!  So now you have a can choose to forget all about this and go on struggling and then one day reflecting back and wishing you would have done something with this and letting this will be just one more regret or you can take a chance on yourself and the future of your family and get in on this life changing decide!! 

Thanks for reading my blog i sincerely enjoyed sharing my story with wishes all!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Testimony on choosing life with It Works!

Fibromyalgia Testimony...if you have or know someone with this horrible painful disease please read this!!

I started products Sept 2010-I was in very bad pain from having 13 surgeries (3 back,4 shoulder,2 knee,elbow,veins stripped,2 other in 10 years) Fibromyalgia, OA arthritis, Migraines of 8 yrs so someone, (Peg Dumas), introduced the wrap first to me.

Thats when my wonderful journey began. Then I started It's Vital, Greens, Thermofit, Fat Fighters. Started losing weight and inches (did change diet specially sugar, Fibro doesn't like sugar or artif. sweetner). By April 2011 I lost 33 lbs 13 in in tummy area and thats when I started feeling the pain fading away.

None of us understand that this product has so many wonderful anti inflammaitories in it so when we detox we clean all the nasty toxins out. Toxins are pain so when they are gone pain starts fading. But it so important to drink alot of water, I went many years without drinking water that's probably why I had so many surgeries...I never lubed my body. I was all bone rubbing bone. Now that I eat correctly, drink alot of water, and superfeed with this product I feel fanastic at 54 years young, so I am a proven test that we can reverse the age of time. The doctor said when I was 42 said I had a body of a late 70 year old. I sell this product on the health benefit not so much on superfical. I'm always here to help people get better. Hope this was'nt to long but thats my story. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Shared by Linda McGaffey