Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

Life Changing Oppertunity

Bring it!!!! Energy is Here!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that It Works! Global is now officially open for business in France! This is another historic day for our company! Bienvenue à la famille, la France!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ItWorks Compensation Plan... We get Paid to Party!

PARTY CASH: Did you know that the minute you start your It Works! business you can start earning CASH BACK? We don't give away FREE wraps. It's part of a treatment and people pay anywhere from $25-$30 to get the wrap on and experience this AMAZING product! In turn we make Wrap Cash. Let me break it down for you...

You invest in the $499 BOOSTER PACK: Boost your sales with our Booster Pack for $499 ($720 retail value), you can earn $1000+ back in PARTY CASH.

Party with the booster pack applicators @ $25 a piece= $1,100


Purchase the $149 MINI BOOSTER PACK (only available at time of enrollment): Boost for $149 ($268 retail value) and earn $300+ back in PARTY CASH!

Party with the mini booster pack applicators @ $25 a piece= $300.

Remember your kit costs $99 and includes 4 Ultimate Applicators (1 full treatment). Use it on yourself or sell each wrap and recover every BIT of your initial investment. It really is a NO RISK investment.

It Works pays us a number of ways. I love the Wrap Cash as it gets cash in peoples pockets right out of the gate. We are not a party plan but we sure love to party. Walk away from your parties or wrap sessions in cash in hand! Now that is an It Works BOOM!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

It Works! was recognized tonight as a Top 10 company on the Florida Fast 100 list! We achieved this growth as One Team with One Mission!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So, I've had people asking me how I had such a successful 3 hour event last night. Yes, it was only 3 hours and I got 39 leads and 13 confirmed parties!   To start, I got up yesterday with a big smile on my face. I said out loud all things I am grateful for. I thanked God for all my blessings. I said "I am an amazing person, it is going to be a fabulous day, I am meeting up with my awesome friends for lunch, and my event tonight is going to be super successful!". I said "I am in the best mood today (several times), I smiled all day long which I could tell was contagious (and that felt great)! I contacted a couple of people in my life to let them know they are awesome and special to me. I then continued with that smile throughout the day envisioning how great my event would be and how great I would feel with all the success I had asked for!
BOOM! It's called The Secret. Gratitude, Faith, Positive Feelings, Positive Actions, the Law of Attraction, Visions, and results!
So, I've had people asking me how I had such a successful 3 hour event last night. Yes, it was only 3 hours and I got 39 leads and 13 confirmed parties!   To start, I got up yesterday with a big smile on my face. I said out loud all things I am grateful for. I thanked God for all my blessings. I said

Monday, September 9, 2013

Freedom 2014

Seattle Boot Camp

Last weekend we had It Works! Gives Back Day, and we are so proud of how our It Works! family gave back, in your own backyards and beyond.
At Seattle Boot Camp, distributors purchased wristbands for $5 each, donating over $25,000 in two hours to Children's Cup, matched by an additional $25,000 from It Works! Corporate. With these donations, Children's Cup will be able to feed over 20,000 kids for a month in Africa. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in making such a big difference for those kids!

Now, Mark has a personal challenge for YOU: If 10,000 FREEDOM tickets bought in the next 10 days, and another $100,000 will go toward feeding kids through Children's Cup!
When you register for FREEDOM 2014 in the next 10 days during Early Bird pricing, $5 from each of your tickets will be donated to Children’s Cup. Plus, Mark and Cindy will personally match the donation, for a grand total of $150,000 donated. That would mean It Works! would help feed a total of over 60,000 kids for a month! BOOM!

Who’s coming to FREEDOM 2014: My It Works! Reality?! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Vanilla or Chocolate Please!
Did someone say protein shake?  Yeah I know there are a million and one companies with a million and one protein shakes but what makes our PROFIT from It Works Global Stand above all the others?  For starters we have the first protein shake with out any artificial sweetners!  We actually use Stevia an all natural sugar from a plant that is healthy and digestible for the body along with the fact that artificial sweeteners cause diseases like cancer!  The othe BIG and significant difference is that the whey protein used is NON HORMONAL and unlike any other  of the millions of shakes out there!  Our protein is not Processed and we use a NON-GMO soy protein isolate also not used in any other shake which helps the body process it and because not processed does not cause an issue with people who are lactose intolerant!  How's that for an explanation!!
o Sustain-ItTM, a superior protein blend that delivers maximum benefits in every gram 
  - Non-hormonal whey protein concentrate and isolate sources
  - Non-GMO soy protein isol ate

o FITzymeTM, a cutting-edge blend of enzymes
   - Helps maximize the body's ability to absorb Sustain-ItTM
  - Improves muscle size, strength, and lean body mass without increasing calories

o FITboostTM, an antioxidant blend of "superfoods"
   - Supports immune system health*
o 99% Bio-available

o Nourishes and replenishes muscles for quicker  post-workout recovery

o Promotes healthy cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of heart disease in normal, healthy individuals*

o Enhances mood and boosts energy with maca and cacao powder

o Promotes healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers
o Delicious creamy vanilla or rich chocolate flavors

o Only 100 calories per scoop!

o Easy to integrate into your diet-shake, bake, or mix!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Congrats to the Winners of Seattle Bootcamp Contest!!!

Barry and I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that worked so hard in the month of August!!  Unfortunately we could only pick 4 winners but do not get sad cause you won't believe what we have in store for conference 2014!!  And the winners are: Chris Patterson, Heather Lee, Sherri Lyons, and Kylee Wiscombe!!!  We are so excited to spend the weekend with each of you and get to know you better plus share some of our business tips and secrets!!!  These ladies worked so hard for one month and had the most posts out of thousands of people on our team!  Pretty impressive I might say!  In turn they are getting their entire trip paid for including hotel and plane ticket!  So amazing...Can I get a HUGE BOOOMMMM!!!~~Ambassador Diamond Lisa Fuller

Watch Out Seattle .....I'm Coming and Armed with that CRAZY WRAP THING!!!!

I am so excited for the It Works Global Boot-camp in Seattle next weekend!  Barry and I will be leaving tomorrow and Hanging out with his Brother for a few days before the actual Boot-camp!  So watch out Seattle because I am coming and I am armed with Wraps!  If anyone lives in or near Seattle and would like to try this CRAZY WRAP THING..or hear about the products that have changed our lives...Message me or text me at 419-779-8367!!  I would love for you to be my guest Friday September 6th at the Boot-camp!  Come and see what all the hype is about and what is retiring so many people including myself and my husband!  It can be done guys!!  Hope to hear from you!!  Bring on the BOOM!!!~~Ambassador Diamond Lisa Fuller