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Sunday, February 19, 2012

So what's an It Works Wrap n Lose party??

One of the biggest aspects of my It Works business are our wrap n lose parties.  So what is a wrap n lose party you ask??  Wrap n lose parties are a time you can get all your friends and women...and try our famous Ultimate Body Applicator.  It also gives us...the It Works Distributor... a chance to showcase our other amazing products such as the top of the line skin care and supplements and a chance for you to share the wrap with your friends and family.  It Works wrap n lose parties are truly a blast.  The company is not known to be just another one of those party companies, but we sure do love to party.

Everyone does their parties a little differently.  As I always say, no two are the same!!  One thing is for sure....everyone will see results in 45 minutes from our one of a kind first to market wrap and everyone will have a blast!!  You will get to sample our Greens, Pro fit which is our protein shake, defining gel, lip and eye cream, and of course the wrap!!  Just to give you all an idea of what goes on at one of these fun get together' s,  I have posted the video of a recent party I just did!!  Again, keep in mind no two are the same and this is just an example of how a party can look!!  A special thank you to Triple Diamond Stacy Stevens for coming along and helping me record it for all of you to see!! To those of you that are wondering....a total of 6 people came there were 32 inches lost at that party and 4 of the six signed up to be new It Works customers and one joined our family and became an It Works distributor!!!  Enjoy the show!!

p.s.  The video ran out before we could get everyone's reaction and results so please stay tuned for the next party where we will post before and afters and everyone's reactions to the wrap and their personal results!!

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