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Just the beginning Itworks

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to navigate throught the website and back office esuite!!

If you are a new or existing distributor you will definitely want to check this out!!  I have created a step by step video that will walk you through our website and back office esuite!!  This will help you learn and navigate through the new software much easier.  Any time a company migrates over to a brand new system it can be difficult to learn how it works but this is going to make it much easier to learn!!  The one thing I love about this is that if we sign up new team members any where in the world we now have the capability to teach them the website and esuite in a much easier way!!  This is going to save you all a lot of time and frustration plus make the training for new team members simple!  I hope you all will take the time to watch and give me feed back if you think something is missing our needs clarified better.  I want to insure that this new tool is understandable and easily accessible for every distributor.  All the training videos I have put in place can be accessed through my blog by clicking on the you tube link at the top of my blog.  This will be a very easy way for each and every one of you to train your brand new distributors.  Please email me at if you have any ideas on a topic for more training videos....I will be more than happy to take all your suggestions so that we can be the best and fastest growing team in It Works! Global history!!!   You are all so amazing and Barry and I are proud and honored to have all of you on our team!!  Good luck and make March a great one!!

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