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Just the beginning Itworks

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's Scarier then Change?

What's scarier then change? The only thing scarier then change is the thought of being where your at forever! People are struggling in their relationships, with children, with money issues, a friend or family member that is ill or chemically dependent on something, and the list goes on.
A little over 4 years ago I was on a hamster wheel and nothing I was doing seemed to be changing that. My relationship with my husband Barry was rocky at best, I never saw my 5 children, I was working 60+ hrs. A week to support our family at a glorified Hooters at the age of 37. I honestly thought that the rest of my life was going to be spent unhappy! There was no retirement being a waitress!
I think that everyone of us are approached with ways to change our situations but we ignore it or are too afraid of the unknown to take advantage. It's more comfortable staying uncomfortable! I think we care way to much about what others think or what someone will say yet those people that are passing judgments are unhappy and in the same spot as we are. They say your happiness and income are most like the 5 people you associate yourself most with on a daily basis! 5 years ago I associated myself with unhappy people with chemical dependency problems who were just as broke as I was and none of them were trying to do anything to change it.
When I first started With my company It Works, to say I had no support from family or friends was an understatement! I realized that they were all scared that I actually would be successful and I wouldn't be where they were anymore! You know that saying "misery loves company" , it's such a true statement. I was scared I wouldn't succeed but I was way more scared of spending one more day doing nothing to change our unhappiness!
Over 4 years later I look back and thank God every single day that I didn't let the negativity of my friends and family break me down. Every bit of fear and doubt I would go through it over and over again to be where we are now. I'm so glad most of the people I care about finally joined us and are changing their lives now too!
The moral is its never too late to change your situation! Trust in what is put in your path! But know that you have to want to make a change, truly want it, too see results! Sometimes it takes tipu to stand up first before the people you care about will follow suit! I hope everyone reading this finds that path that will be the change for their life! 

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