Just the beginning Itworks

Just the beginning Itworks

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So you say you are sick of living in fear.  In fear of always just getting by and living paycheck to paycheck.  Your whole life you have been waiting for that once in a life time opportunity that will change everything.  You sit back and ponder on miss opportunities and regrets!  Those times that you could have made a change and to afraid to do it because of the unknown...then come to find out it was a great opportunity and you should have jumped on it!!  Some people do this their entire lives and then wake up when they are 80 years old and think about where their life could have gone if only they would have taken some chances on themselves...thoughts full of missed opportunities and regrets all because you were afraid of change...scared of the unknown!!  Are you afraid that this just might be you!!  All these thoughts stop right here right now because this is going to be the time that you embrace change and take a chance on yourself with It Works! Global!!

They say you have to be so uncomfortable in your current situation to actually do something about it....why, because people are afraid of change....the unknown.  Well I am here to tell you that you have nothing to be afraid of because for the first time in your life if you are reading this you are being introduced to a once in a life time opportunity with no catch and no risk!!  Right now you can do what I just did in one year and retire yourself and give your family the life they deserve and It will take some work but it will be the most fun, easy, rewarding work you will ever do with the most return!!  If you like to help others get healthier on the inside and look younger on the outside plus change your life and the lives of thousands of others financially....then keep reading!!  If a mother of 5 waitress and a laid off construction worker that lost their house and car can do what we just did in 7 months then anyone can.  I know it sounds way to good to be true...believe me we are still pinching ourselves and with my experience in life if something is to good to be true it usually is....but in this case it is the real deal and you have to trust me because i am speaking from the heart.

This is why it is no risk.  For only $99 dollars you can sign up to start your own business with us and you will receive all that you will need to get started plus four ultimate body applicators that you will sell and get your $99 back the same week!!  If you decided two days later after you get your money right back that this is not for you ....just stop....then how are you any worse off then you are right now?  That WILL NOT HAPPEN...why because you will be working with a team of people that want to see you succeed.  Not only do we just want to help other people do what we just did and change their lives forever but if we help you succeed then our paycheck grows too!!  We do not just sign you up and never talk to you again hoping that you might work out.  WE work with you SIDE BY SIDE to help you make anywhere from $600 plus your first month.  We know that if we help you make money then you will want to stay with us and help others do it too.  This is not some get rich quick are building a business and that takes time and work but I promise you will not be alone and if you can invest 10 hrs a week you will make money!!  I have never seen anything like what we are helping other average ordinary people do on a daily basis!!  We are a family...when you join our team you are now family...we are one team, one family with one help everyone succeed!!  Do not let this be that thing you look back on when you are 80 and think why did I let that slip through my fingers.

The fact is we are growing so fast and right now only 1% of the entire world knows we exist.  With the growth we are experiencing we will be a household name within 2 years and you can be a part of that.  This company is going to help so many people go financially free on its way to the top and you are going to be one of them!!  Right now if you sign up and we get you to the rank of diamond by June 30th you will also get our 10 thousand dollars GOOD bonus...imagine what your family could do with that!!  There is no catch...if there is I haven't been able to find it in a year and a half now!  With Success at home magazine dedicating an entire issue to our company released on news stands accross the globe on March 1st we are growing even faster.  Now is the time...take a chance on yourself and believe in yourself because we believe in you.

So you have a choice....keep doing what your doing and end up in the same place this time next year or take $99 and invest in yourself, your family, and your future!  This $99 special ends on March 31st so lets get you going so that you do not miss the special and then we will figure out if it is a right fit for you!!  You do not want to miss out on the biggest month of our business and the GOOD bonus!! The process is simple...sign up for $99...schedule a get together with family and friends within the next week...who ever signed you up will come and talk with all of them to tell them about our products, the opportunity, and try the wrap if they choose and then will get your money right back in your pocket!!  Then you can make a decision after you see your friends and families reaction weather or not its right for is that simple!!

In the end I hope if your reading this you realize what you have your hands on.  Speaking from the heart I know what these products and this opportunity has done for my friends and family in such a short time period and I know for a fact what It could do for you if you open your mind and believe in yourself!!  Whatever is holding you back let that go and take a chance on yourself and your future...remember we are one team with one mission to help everyone with you soon.

Lisa and Barry

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