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Friday, March 16, 2012


Are you taking a multivitamin??  If so, did your body feel different after taking it for a week or two??  I am going to bet that the answer to that is a big fat NO!  You probably thought that it was just one of those things that you take that you do not feel any different but just have to trust that it is doing its job!!  Well I am here to tell you that if you are on a great multivitamin you will feel and notice a huge difference within the very first week!!  Once your body begins to get the correct nutrients and vitamins that it needs on a daily basis you will absolutely know it is happening just by the way you feel.   Every human being on the planet is deficient in one nutrient/vitamin or one is getting all that they need.  In fact many symptoms you may be experiencing such as cravings, constipation, headaches, or even muscle and joint pain can be associated with just being deficient in something.   If you can make sure that you are getting your body everything it needs then things can just fix themselves naturally!  You can even begin to lose weight when given the right nutrition!!

So your probably thinking "there are so many different do I know which one to buy"?  I thought the same exact thing so I just bought the ones that were either the most expensive or the one's I saw on television all the time...I thought they had to be good if they cost that much money, but boy was I wrong!  When I started my journey with It Works! Global I started researching vitamins.  I wanted to be knowledgeable in all my products and during my research I found something hugely startling, I found that most people were literally throwing their money right in the toilet when they were taking a vitamin...why,  because if a vitamin does not dissolve within 30 minutes and that is pushing it...then it is going right in your colon and coming right back out in the toilet!!  The problem is that they are not dissolving.  Then I read this disturbing article that said back in 2000 they cleaned out the sewer systems in New York City and they found over a billion multivitamins.  They then said in the article that if you wanted to be able to tell if you had a good multivitamin then you could do the vitamin test.  They said to take a glass and fill it with half water and half white vinegar, this is equivalent to the acidity in our bodies and how we would break a vitamin down.  They then said to drop whatever vitamins you are taking into the glass and see how long it would take it to dissolve.  The article stated that if it took more then 20-30 minutes to completely dissolve then you can rest assured that it was ending up coming right back out when you go to the bathroom.  This intrigued me and I wanted to put my It Works! vitamin Its Vital to the test.  I did exactly as the article stated and within 15 minutes my vitamin from It Works! was completely dissolved.  Not only that but the article said to watch for fillers.  Fillers are things that vitamin companies use to hold the vitamin together like bark and sand...yes, I said bark and sand.  To my surprise I saw no bark or sand in the bottom of the glass!!  Since I had never been on a multivitamin before I called a girlfriend to see if we could  put hers to the test.  My friend Kristi purchased her vitamins at a very well known vitamin store that is a chain all over the United States.  I wanted to see how they would stand up to this test.  It was a box and in the box there were 30 packets and in each packet were 6 vitamins that she as a women was suppost  to take on a daily basis to get every nutrient she needed.  I dropped all 6 of them in the water and vinegar and waited...and waited....and went to bed...and waited...and 3 days later not only were they still whole but one of them even expanded to circumference the size of the glass!  Kristi was devastated.  The vitamins that she was spending $80 a month on were not even dissolving in her wonder she never felt a lick of difference!!  She always thought that since they were so expensive and since the store was so well known that she was getting an amazing vitamin.  Since then I always have my customers check their vitamins and so far I rarely run into any that dissolve all the way and the ones that can see the sand and bark in the is for lack of a better word, GROSS!!

One thing I just love about our It Works! supplements is that they are bio active and bio available which means that they dissolve and work together in your body to give you everything that you need.  The body will naturally absorb the nutrients and vitamins you are lacking and it will expel the ones you do not!!  Being bio available is very important when you are looking for a vitamin because it means your body is absorbing it!!  After all, what good is a vitamin if it is not being absorbed into the body.  Through my year and a half in this amazing company I will always suggest that every party guest bring their vitamins to the wrap n lose matter what they are taking B12, fish oil, multivitamin, whatever it is...that way I can show them how quickly my It Works! vitamin dissolves compared to theirs.  Most of the time theirs is still whole 2 hours later when the party ends.  I also compare the list of ingredients of their vitamin to my vitamin and so far over a year now I have yet to find a multivitamin that has as many vitamins and nutrients than our Its Vital!  The It Works! Its Vital multivitamin also is the only multivitamin in the world that has a mint coating on the outside to lock in the freshness and make it bare-able to take so that it does not taste bad and you do not have to burp it up!  Most people think that vitamins smell bad because they are suppose  to but actually vitamins are not suppose to smell bad..they only start to get that smell when the actual vitamin itself is going bad or losing its nutrients.  By us having that mint coating it is locking in the nutrients and preventing the vitamin from going bad.  I think it is pretty amazing that over the 100's of vitamins that I have seen... not one has compared to the amount of nutrients that is in ours.  I see people taking 3-7 different vitamins a day for various things and I have helped those people save tons of money by switching to ours which has everything that they were taking all in just one vitamin!!  How can you beat everything you need all in one vitamin for $29 a month, delivered right to your house, and you feel the difference in your body when you take it.  How refreshing to know you'd no longer be throwing your money in the toilet!!

After reading this I hope you will go do the vitamin test with whatever vitamins you are taking!!  I always tell everyone of my customers...I do not care if you buy mine I just want you to make sure the one you are choosing to use is working and dissolving in your body!!  If you decide to do the vitamin test and discover that your vitamin has not been dissolving and that you have been wasting money you may want to give our Its Vital Multivitamin a try from It Works! Global.  I have started several customers and distributors on the vitamin and after just a week they always call me to tell me how much of a difference it makes to have a vitamin actually working in their body!  Our loyal customer program is amazing and actually gives money back on each purchase to go toward free products.  Some of my customers have so much free product they were able to stock up on the multivitamin for 6 months before purchasing again.  Wouldn't it be nice if one of those local chains you get your vitamin from gave you free products just for purchasing through them??  So I hope that by reading this you  will be more aware of the vitamins you are taking and I hope you now know that if you are on a good vitamin you will feel an amazing difference in your body!!  Good health to all and don't forget to take your daily vitamin!!

Lisa and Barry!!

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