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Monday, March 5, 2012

Attendance is Key!!

In the home based business industry many of us build our businesses through having parties to showcase what we have to offer.  Here at It Works! Global we do not claim we are a party plan company but we sure do like to party.  I love doing our wrap n lose parties and everyone who comes truly has a blast.  Wrap n lose parties are a sure way to let everyone try the ultimate body applicator and sample some of our other amazing products.  They work perfectly to get the word out there that you have just started a brand new business...but what if no one comes!?  In any party plan business we always have people booking parties and cancelling at the last minute or we get to the party and no one shows.  Over the last year and a half I have perfected some full proof ways on how to insure people will show up at your parties that will work for any business whether it be It Works, selling jewelry, purses, make up, food, etc.  The following ideas can really help you book parties, keep parties, and have high attendance so no matter what party plan your in you should check these ideas out!! 

The first step I take to insure the party goes off without a hitch is called hostess coaching!  I get with the hostess of the party and I help her put together her party list.  I then help her make a facebook event page for the party.  Then I have her contact the key people that she wishes to invite and ask them if it would be okay if I contact them to tell them about the specials and how to be entered into a drawing for a prize.  This is perfect because it takes the hostess of your party out of the line of fire in case her guests were to ask her questions she does not know.  Here is an example of what I would say when I call her guest list...."Hi, this is Lisa Fuller and I am putting the wrap n lose party on for Holly.  She said that you gave me permission to give you a call and tell you a little bit of what you can expect at the party.  First of all you do not have to undress and you can get anything wrapped from the neck down....I do bellies, chins, and arms at the party and after you see what it does I will tell you at the party how you can get it delivered right to your house at my cost if you choose and then you can do more private areas of your body at that time.  It is 100% safe, all natural, and it does not interact with any medications.  Anyone can wrap unless you are allergic to a plant based botanical!!  You will see results in 45 minutes and the product will continue to work in your system for three days so you'll see those continued measurable results for 72 hrs.  For best results the day of the party please take a hot shower to open your pores and do not use soap or lotion in the area you are getting wrapped because that clogs the pores and blocks our solution from getting in.  If you can scrub the area with a luffa that will get the dead skin off and help the wrap work even better.  Do you have any questions??"  Then I tell them about the different promotions I offer.  " The night of the party on Friday your wrap will be $35 but if you prepay either myself or your hostess by cash, check, or credit card by Wednesday before the party you can get your wrap for $25 so a $10 discount just for prepaying.  Also if you bring a guest you can get an additional $5 off of your wrap too.  Would you like to go ahead and take care of your wrap right now by credit card with me over the phone today for that $10 discount.  If not you still have until Wednesday of before the party to do that with myself or your hostess to get that price."  This will insure that the person will show if they prepay for their wrap and the incentive of $10 off is definitely incentive enough for them to prepay thus keeping that attendance up.  Also by offering that $5 discount off their wrap for every guest they bring will now help you reach more people and get that party attendance up at the same time.  I also let them know that for every guest they bring their name will go into a drawing for a free facial....or whatever product you would choose to give away!!  This has worked so well for me in the past few months and I just had to share!!

 Think about how a party usually is booked.  You meet someone who says "sure I'll book a party" and then the day before the party you call the person up and say "don't forget your parties tomorrow many are coming??"  This is the part where the person you just called freaks out because she forgot about it in her busy life and now scrambles to gather some people together last minute....and we wonder why are parties have low attendance!!!  By interacting with your hostess and helping her plan you will begin to see amazing party attendance!!  You may also want to offer the hostess something for her troubles.   For instance... I offer my hostess a free wrap with 5 guests, a free wrap and chin wrap with 8 guests, and 10 or more she gets a facial added on to the other two!!  Incentives drives your hostess to get those people there!!

No matter what home based business you are in you can tweak these ideas to fit your party plan!  The idea is to engage the hostess as well as the guests and it will work for any business!!  So good luck...get out there...and plan those parties!!  Best wishes,  Lisa!!

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