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Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's the choices you make!

They say that in my field of direct sales and home based businesses there is only 3% of the people that come in and make it.  With It Works! Global that number is actually more like 15% because of the timing, one of a kind product, and opportunity with one of the best pay plan most have ever seen!  So why exactly is that number so staggeringly low??  Well to be quite honest it is only because of one reason and one reason only....people quit!!  If they had actually just stuck it out through that first little hurdle, eventually, they would be right where I am right now!!

Let's talk about this for a bit.  Being in direct sales is not easy.  You have to go out and sell your products to other people and you have to hear the word no quite a few times before you hear that one yes.  Frankly, most people can't handle the word no so they quit.  You have others around you telling you that what you are doing is a scam.  You have your brother in law telling you its one of those pyramid things and your mother saying "hunny...when are you going to get a real job"!  You have all these outside forces trying to stop your success.  It is always easier to just quit then to stick it out when you hit those bumps in the road.  So what can you do to be in that 3% or in our case 15%....NEVER GIVE UP!!

One of my amazing friends and team mates Angie Jockett who has stuck with me in this business from day one said something to me once that I always think about....and when I look back in my life what she says is so true.  Angie says that every time something spectacular and amazing is about to happen in your life there are outside forces working against you trying not to let it happen.  Weather you believe in the devil, bad karma, or whatever you want to call it these forces do not want to see people succeed and be successful!  Think about it and you will see that every time you have succeeded at something or something great has happened in your life 95% of the time it was not easy getting there.  Most of the time people look back on their life and are full of what if's and regrets and they just wish they could go back in time and done it differently...stuck things out.  Looking back on the year and a half I have been with It Works! I have wanted to throw in the towel hundreds of times.  I remember my first party barely anyone showed up and I wanted to quit but I didn't.  The hundreds of no's and skeptics that I encountered on a daily basis made me want to quit too....but...I didn't!  My own mother and sister thought I was insane for the first 9 months and they made me doubt what I was doing which again made me want to quit....but I still didn't!!  I could have quit hundred's of times but like I said I didn't and look where we are now.  You can never know what could have been in you don't stick with it!  The only difference between myself and anyone else that was not successful was that I DID NOT QUIT!!  If they would have stuck it out eventually they would be right here with me!

Nothing great happens over night...period!  It is not that the 3% of people that succeed in sales did something special or know something that the other 97% of people that fail do not is simply that they stuck it out through the hurdles and bumps.  Those 3% got back up every time they fell down.  I still fall down and have bad days but quitting is not an option!! Look at things differently...Do not sell your products...SHARE your products with others.  There is a huge difference between selling and sharing.  Be a product of your products.  There is nothing like a walking testimony!!  People do not want to buy things when they feel they are being sold but they do want what you are sharing and they do want whatever you are using that is making you look and feel better!  People also feed off your excitement!  Be excited and BELIEVE in what your offering others and they will want that too.  Everyone in this world is looking for something to believe in....and you have it!!  Remember my mother and sister that thought I was crazy??  They are now both distributors under me...and they came to me!!  They saw the change in me and my family...and of course the 5 figure a month  check didn't hurt!!

The moral of the story is just can't give up! To reap big rewards you have to take big risks!!  They say that a person has to be so uncomfortable in their current situation to actually make a change.  Everyone is scared of change.  It is so much easier to stay right where you are then to take a leap of faith and change your situation because you do not know what changes will take place...change is scary but nothing can be different without change.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again day after day expecting a different result!  Stop the insanity and do something different!!  We have a once in a lifetime opportunity in our hands with It Works! Global and there will be haters out there and skeptical people and 100's of no's but you cannot quit!  When I got started over a year ago in my area no one had heard of us and everyone was skeptical.  It took time and patience and lots of no's but look at us now.  If I would have given up what I know are amazing products and an amazing opportunity simply because of the disbelief of others I would not be in the best place I have ever been in my entire life physically and financially!! 

It's the choices you make in life that set the tone for whats to come.  You can either choose to always quit when things get tough or for the first time in your life stick around to see what happens.  I can tell you this....I have no doubt in my mind that If you stick with us and It Works! global you will see all your goals and dreams come true as you help us make It Works! a household name!!  If you are in any sales or home based business the same rules still apply for success...share don't sell, believe in what your sharing , and be a product of the products and you can't go wrong!!  Good luck in all your choices and NEVER GIVE UP!!  Lisa and Barry

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