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Just the beginning Itworks

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Team Contest Conference 2013

Team Amazing Results Real People Contest Rules and Regulations for Freedom Conference 2013 --Sponsered by Presidential Diamond Lisa Fuller and Barry Hurt


6 winners total

1st place winner- full reimbursement of conference ticket

                               $250 reimbursement toward plane ticket

                                3 night hotel stay for you and 1 guest of your choice

2nd-6th place winners- $250 dollar reimbursement toward plane ticket

                                        3 night hotel stay for you and 1 guest of your choice


**Reimbursement of conference ticket for 1st place winner will be given upon arrival in Florida for           conference 2013


**Reimbursement for $250 toward plane ticket for 1st-6th place will be given upon arrival in Florida for   conference 2013


**IF plane ticket is less than $250 the winner will still receive a full cash amount of $250


**The guest of winners choice does not get a reimbursement of plane ticket they only get a 3 night free hotel stay… guest is still responsible for their entire flight


**Winner of contest will be sharing a room with the guest of their choice as well as another winner and the guest of their choice.  4 people total in each room!



1 point for every loyal customer signed

2 points for every new distributor signed

2 extra bonus points for every distributor that gets their 4 loyal customers within 30 days and is enrolled on autoship



 **Contest begins on August 10, 2012 and ends at midnight on Novemeber 10,2012 **Rank must be an Emerald Or Below as of July 31st to qualify for the contest….no Diamonds or above will take part!

Text Box: Your text here**It is up to each individual that decides to enter into the contest to be responsible to report their own points

**each individual entering the contest must report their points within 24 hrs of signing the new distributor or loyal customer to Barry Hurt or Lisa’s assistant Brandi Zunk

Barry Hurt contact info-419-779-4581

Brandi Zunk contact info-419-377-7781

**Each individual that would like the 2 extra points for their new distributor is solely responsible for contacting Barry or Brandy within 24 hrs of their new distributor getting their 4 loyal customers within 30 days and being enrolled on autoship.  Once Barry verifies that the new distributor is indeed enrolled on autoship and has gotten the 4 loyals within the 30 day period the 2 extra bonus points will be added.

**A loyal customer or distributor can be placed and who ever places it will receive the points.

**Any Diamond or above that places a loyal customer or distributor under another distributor that is involved in the contest will NOT count as a point for that distributor.

**Point blank if you are enrolled in the contest and you sign it you get the point.

**Point blank if you did not sign it you cannot claim it!

**No two distributors can both receive points from a new enrollment! 

**if Sally is an emerald and sally signs a brand new DT and then Sally gives that brand new DT a loyal customer or a distributor then Sally will receive the point NOT the new distributor!


**If a distributor is going to place a loyal customer or distributor and wishes to receive the point for the lc or dt that is being placed they must enroll it under themselves first, then call Barry or Brandi so that they can see that indeed said distributor did enroll it!  Then the distributor seeking the point can move the lc or dt where they wish by putting a ticket in or doing it themselves through their back office.

**Any new distributor that enrolls between August 10th and November 9th is also included in this contest!  We encourage all distributors to use this contest as another reason to join our team!  It is each distributors responsibility to let a brand new distributor know that we are having this contest and that they can be included if they choose!

**If a winner cannot go or has to forfeit their spot it will go to the next person in line!

**In case of a Tie situation we will go by the date of the last point recorded Example:  Sally received a point on November 1st for a lc and Mary received a point on November 9th for an lc….Sally will win!

***Barry Hurt and Lisa Fuller have the right to make changes to contest at any point which could include adding more winners with different rules, adding additional rules that may arise,etc.


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